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Division of Transport Development

The division of Transport Development adds significant value to healthy living in Tshwane by meeting the city’s infrastructure and growth needs. Our division’s goals are:

  • To provide roads infrastructure development and maintain the roads in the city;
  • to meet the city’s infrastructure and growth needs; and
  • to provide and maintain traffic and pedestrian safety measures.

Transport plays a very important role in our ever-changing and growing economy. Its efficiency is essential for the smooth running of the economy. The City of Tshwane’s transport division is at the core of the city's operations, playing a significant role in delivering on government's mandate of sustainably impact on the lives of the people of Tshwane.
The vision of this division is of "an integrated transport system that meets the needs of all the people of Tshwane in a sustainable way". In pursuing its mission, we plan, coordinate and facilitate the development of a sustainable transport system to meet transport demands holistically. Our division is helping to make Tshwane a world-class capital.
We create infrastructure to not only cater for this exceptional demand, but also to expand as the demand increases through population influx. Our division consists of five sections:

  • Public Transport Facility Development;
  • Public Transport Operations Development;
  • Transport Economics, Research and Funding;
  • Transport Planning and Information Systems; and
  • Municipal Transport Operations and Maintenance Services.
  1. Public Transport Facility Development
  2. Manager: Hyman Coetzee (012 358 1071)
    This section is responsible for building public transport facilities - including bus shelters, taxi ranks, and train stations - and for cleaning and maintaining these facilities.

  3. Public Transport Operations Development
  4. Manager: Riaan Perold (012 358 1216)
    This section is in charge of the smooth running of the public transport system in Tshwane. It works alongside the Tshwane Metropolitan Police Department (which is responsible for traffic law enforcement) and makes recommendations on the issuing of permits.

  5. Transport Economics, Research and Funding
  6. Manager: Herman van Zyl (012 358 1216)
    This section conducts research and economic analyses and secures funding for the transport division. Following the section's efforts to reinstate Wonderboom Airport's international status, there has been significant growth in the area. The section has, with the help of other departments, spearheaded tourism drives and created sustainable business opportunities

  7. Transport Planning and Information Systems
  8. Manager: … (012 358 1536)
    This section is responsible for the planning of all transport modes and roads. It maintains a database of traffic flow and count patterns by way of a geographical information system (GIS). With this information it can provide a feeder distribution system to properly regulate taxi permits and supply the Municipality with information regarding road safety and traffic flow in Tshwane

  9. Municipal Transport Operations and Maintenance Services
  10. Acting Manager: Kobus Meyer (012 358 0222)
    This section provides an affordable, safe, reliable and effective municipal bus service – Pretoria City Transport (PCT) – for all residents. It also supplies PCT with mechanical, electrical and structural maintenance services.


 Integrated Transport Plan 2006-2011

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