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Transport and Roads


To provide world-class roads and transport infrastructure networks and systems which facilitate seamless mobility of goods and people within Gauteng.


To provide an environmentally sustainable road infrastructure and integrated transport systems and services that is reliable, accessible, safe, and affordable, and which promotes socio-economic development in Gauteng.

Contact Details

(012) 310 2466

Department’s Values

The following values guide the work of the department as well as the staff and contractors working within the department.

  • Good Governance - We pledge to uphold sound principles of institutional management and efficient systems and processes in service delivery.
  • Responsiveness - Our staff and contractors are approachable, receptive, and open, and are quick to respond to the needs of residents and clients.
  • Innovation - We commit to be original, inventive and novel in the execution of our mandates and activities.
  • Accountability - We pledge to be answerable to clients and citizens of Gauteng about our service delivery activities.
  • Passion - We undertake to deliver services with passion, excitement and enthusiasm.
  • Professionalism - We commit to show competence and to show an attitude of excellence at all times.
  • Ethical - We commit to be principled, fair and just in our conduct and in service to the people of Gauteng.
  • Commitment - We commit to be devoted, faithful and loyal to our citizens and clients.


The Department of Transport and Roads provides the City of Tshwane with public transport services, roads infrastructure development and maintenance through our two divisions;

  • Transport Development, and
  • Roads and Storm water.


Strategic Executive Director:   Transport
Ms Lungile Madlala
Tel:  012 358 4091
Fax: 086 241 8303

Executive Director
Mr. Joel Mushwana
Tel: 012 358 2244
Fax: 086 565 9831
Acting Executive Director: Transport Infrastructure, Design, Construction & Maintenance
Mr. Steven Macheve
Tel:  012 358 9247
Fax: 086 214 47 15
Executive Director: Transport Infrastructure Planning
Mr. Pheko Letlonkane
Tel: 012 358 1064
Fax: 086 326 1113

Acting Executive Director: Tshwane Bus Services
Mr. Tom Nkoana
Tel: 012 358 6461
Fax: 086 241 5205

(Executive Director) Airport manager: Tshwane Airport Services
Mr. Hendrik Kleynhans
Tel: 012 567 1188
Fax: 012 543 8119



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