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  • Mayor wishes all a successful and peaceful march

    Mayor wishes all a  successful and peaceful march

    Fri, Apr 7, 2017

    ​The Executive Mayor wishes all the marchers a successful and peaceful march. The City of Tshwane and its metro police have activated a Joint JOC with the SAPS to ensure the safety and security of the marchers first, and protection of properties should the need arise. The Executive Mayor requests all the marchers and organisers to behave in a manner that is exemplary of their cause. We ask communities to report all relevant information to the SAPD at #10111 to help the police to ensure their safety. We request that all the marches in Tshwane be conducted peacefully. Tshwane is your city. Working together we can build a Tshwane that you are proud of, while making it the pride of our nation.

  • Singing the right tunes

    Singing the right tunes

    Thu, Apr 6, 2017

    Meloding ya Tshwane Choral Festival is destined to become a regular platform to celebrate the cultural richness and vibrancy of the city. The City of Tshwane, in collaboration with the Tshwane Choral Music Association (TCMA), will be hosting the third Meloding Ya Tshwane Choral Festival, celebrating the music of Mr MH Masenya.


    In addition to the Junior category that was introduced in 2015, TCMA is excited by the introduction of an additional category focussing on children between the ages of 14 and 18. This category is referred to as the Youth category and was created to draw choristers of school-going age from high schools and churches. Therefore, the 2017 episode of the festival will feature five categories. The introduction of this category will lead to an increase in the number of participating choirs and choristers tremendously.


    The festival will be held on 9 April 2017 at the South African State Theatre. Adult tickets will be sold at Computicket for R50 and for R70 at the venue (box office).


    To spice up the festival, Amanda Black and Salesman (the comedian) will feature as guest artists at the event.


    Choirs obtaining first position in each category will receive a cash prizes and gold medals. Choirs obtaining second and third positions will receive silver and bronze medals respectively, as well as cash prizes. The remainder of the choirs that were not placed will receive a participation prize.

  • Celebrating National Library Week

    Celebrating National Library Week

    Fri, Mar 31, 2017

    The City of Tshwane celebrated Library Week on 29 March at the Ga-Rankuwa Community Hall. The event was attended by learners from different schools in Ga-Rankuwa. These learners took part in storytelling, arts, crafts and poetry sessions.

    "This year's theme, My library, Your library, seeks to reinforce libraries as the heart of the community and encourages residents to take ownership of these vital facilities," said the City's MMC for Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture, Cllr Ntsiki Mokhotho.

    The City's libraries have become more than just buildings where we store books. They are places of knowledge and information, social interaction and relaxation. "Libraries are communal spaces where residents can meet, learn and interact. Our dedicated librarians are proud to be a part of a week that celebrates these spaces," said Mokhotho

  • Earth Hour was a weekend affair in Tshwane

    Earth Hour was a weekend affair in Tshwane

    Tue, Mar 28, 2017

    ​The City of Tshwane celebrated Earth Hour 2017 throughout the weekend with a variety of activities. This year the City organised and participated in three events, each aligned to the mitigation of carbon emissions, namely waste, green buildings and low-carbon mobility respectively. Each ceremony spoke to a specific thematic sustainability focus, namely reducing carbon emission by diverting waste from landfills, using less electricity by switching off non-essential lights and promoting low-carbon transport through cycling.

    Waste: Earth Hour gives us all an opportunity to reflect on our impact on our environment and how we manage our waste, which has a direct impact on our environment. The Atteridgeville Recycling Park Open Day aimed to raise awareness of the activities of the park and debunk any concerns held by community members, especially in relation to composting; to build skill in vegetable gardening and composting; and to develop an understanding of entrepreneurial opportunities associated with compost (bulk purchasing and retailing).

    Green buildings: Menlyn Maine prides itself on being the first green city in South Africa, where people can live, work and play in a sustainable environment. All role players were requested to shine a light on climate change and switch off all non-essential lights from 20:30 to 21:30 to observe Earth Hour. In doing so, South Africa saved about 400 megawatt electricity during Earth Hour. A total of 4.7 million 60-watt light bulbs were switched off.


    Low-carbon mobility: Hammanskraal in Region 2 was the venue for the Hammanskraal Green Ride, popularly known as the "Kasi Ride". It was aimed at promoting low-carbon interventions, healthy lifestyles and non-motorised transportation in communities. The Kasi Ride demonstrated cycling as a mode of transport that can apply in any environment, not only on cycling tracks. The event had a great turnout, as cyclists including young ones came in numbers to support and participate in the 35 km cycling fun ride starting at the Hammanskraal Sports Complex (near the Mandela statue).


    The MMC for Sport and Recreation, Cllr Ntsiki Mokhotho, welcomed all participants and wished them a joyful day. She briefly explained what Earth Hour is about and how it led to hosting the Kasi Ride and similar events. "I welcome you all and wish to say thank you for supporting this great event. This supports Earth Hour, and we continue to appeal to all people to become the change that our planet needs," said Mokhotho in her message.

  • Tshwane celebrates National Water Day

    Tshwane celebrates National Water Day

    Tue, Mar 28, 2017

    ​The City of Tshwane's Water Department conducted a Water Day campaign on 23 March at the Akasia Hall in Theresapark.

    The campaign aimed to emphasise the value of water and the need for sustainable management of this scarce resource.

    National Water Week was held under the theme "Water and sanitation is a human right" and it was attended by learners from various schools around Tshwane. The campaign seeks to continue building an ongoing awareness in Tshwane. The MMC for Infrastructure, Cllr Darryl Moss, told the learners that it is important to save water as it is a limited resource.

    In celebration of Water Week, the learners recited poems and performed a drama on the importance of water. The Executive Mayor of Tshwane, Cllr Solly Msimanga, addressed the learners and urged them to keep rivers clean, explaining the importance of taking care of the environment.

    Strict water restrictions were recently lifted, but we may very well face empty dams and dry taps again in the future. What are you doing to save water?

    Remember, water is life: Respect it, conserve it, enjoy it.

  • Tshwane Bus Service launches the new Connector card

    Tshwane Bus Service launches the new Connector card

    Tue, Mar 28, 2017

    ​Tshwane Bus Service (TBS) has upgraded its fare collection mechanism from paper tickets and coupons to the new and improved cashless system, called the Connector.

    Tshwane's Executive Mayor, Cllr Solly Msimanga, launched the Connector at the Church Square bus ticket centre on 27 March. Msimanga said the new automated fare collection (AFC) system would assist in ensuring proper financial accounting processes in the City of Tshwane.

    "In addition, the integrated fare collection system will enhance the travelling experience of the passengers and make life easier," Msimanga said.

    Furthermore, it would remove the responsibility of handling cash from bus drivers. All 227 professional bus drivers were trained to understand how the Connector is used, as well as how the board validator, fitted to the City's buses, works.

    The current fare payment method of coupons and paper tickets will be phased out. Customers using the buses have two months to migrate to the Connector, as the previous system expires on 17 May.

    The new payment method is also used by Tshwane's rapid transit system, A Re Yeng, which enables integrated travelling on the two systems.

    The Connector can be bought and loaded at Sammy Marks Customer Care, Church Square and any A Re Yeng station.

    The card costs R25, and if you register your card, you get 25 ridership points free.

    Msimanga said customers could also load the Connector at any Absa ATM that has a cash-accepting facility. The card can also be used for other purposes, such as retail transactions, as it is compliant with the European MasterCard and the Visa card.

    It takes less than ten minutes to buy and register a card. Passengers are encouraged to register their cards.

  • Tshwane State of the Capital Address

    Tshwane State of the Capital Address

    Mon, Mar 27, 2017

    The countdown to the capital city's 2017 State of the Capital Address (SoCA) has begun. The Executive Mayor of Tshwane, Cllr Solly Msimanga, will deliver his inaugural address at the Tshwane Events Centre on 6 April.  

    Msimanga will outline his administration's plans for the 2017/18 financial year. Moreover, he will relate how, as part of its transformation agenda, the City has revatilised, stabilised and delivered to date. The address will detail progress in the establishment of a legitimate, transparent and accountable government and broadening access to socio-economic opportunities and infrastructure services.  

  • City of Tshwane to commemorate Earth Hour

    City of Tshwane to commemorate Earth Hour

    Thu, Mar 23, 2017

    On 25 March 2017, the City of Tshwane will join millions around the world to celebrate Earth Hour 2017. 

    The City has participated in Earth Hour activities since 2009 by switching off lights on the last Saturday of March from 20:30 to 21:30 in all municipal buildings, and encouraging others within the city to do so. 

    This year the City is co-organising and participating in three events which align with the three areas of mitigation (mitigating carbon emissions), waste, green buildings and low carbon mobility, as follows: 

    Atteridgeville Recycling Park Open Day on 25 March 2017

    The purpose of the event is to invite selected stakeholder groups to participate in an open day at the Atteridgeville Recycling Park. The open day aims to raise awareness of plant activities and debunk any concerns held by community members, especially in relation to composting. The open day also aims to build skills in vegetable gardening and the role of composting therein, and to develop an understanding of entrepreneurial opportunities associated with composting.

    Menlyn Maine Switch Off on 25 March 2017 

    This year, the City of Tshwane will host an event at Menlyn Maine, a venue that resonates with the theme of renewable energy as it is a green building that is designed to use minimal energy. The aim of the evening is to emphasise the importance of green developments as it helps the City to conserve scarce resources.

    Hammanskraal Green Ride on 26 March 2017

    The Tshwane Green Ride is a hallmark of the sustainable mobility programme where we cast a light on the importance of cycling as a viable mode of transport. This will be the fourth ride organised since 2014 and will take place for the first time in Hammanskraal. The aim is to rotate the Green Ride in the various townships as a green communities outreach activity and to draw attention to the role of supporting infrastructure to enable cyclists to pedal safely. 

    The theme for this year's Earth Hour is "Say YES to renewable energy" 

    The City of Tshwane is in the process of developing guidelines on small scale embedded generation (SSEG), which will encourage the proliferation of solar energy to power homes and commercial buildings in the city. The SSEG guidelines will also encourage the development of feed-in-tariffs aligned to the National Electricity Regulator of South Africa (NERSA). The City has also installed two solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations to encourage the use of renewable energy by its electric vehicle fleet.

  • New emergency fleet unveiled

    New emergency fleet unveiled

    Fri, Mar 17, 2017

    "The state of emergency services across the city should be fully capacitated and demonstrate that we are a capital city of the one of the biggest economies on the African continent." Those were the words of the Executive Mayor of Tshwane, Cllr Solly Msimanga, when handing over new emergency vehicles on 16 March 2017 to the Heuweloord Fire Station. 

    The new emergency vehicles form part of a commitment made by the Executive Mayor to improve law enforcement by assessing the fitness of law enforcement and emergency personnel on a regular basis to ensure that they are well prepared to enforce and protect residents, as well as save their lives. 

    In capacitating the emergency services fleet, the City purchased 18 rapid intervention vehicles, 33 ambulances and 1 maxilance. The new fleet will assist the city in responding to incidents quicker than before. 

    "When there is an emergency, be it medical or fire-related, our people's most basic concern is whether the help will show up when needed, in time to save their lives," said Msimanga. 

    Msimanga also said that a similar fire station will be opened in Mamelodi in 2018, and thereafter one every two years in different locations. 

    The unveiling event also showcased the human spirit as Msimanga recognised the dedicated men and women in uniform who have served the department and the City for many years, ranging from 30 to 40 years. 

    The Heuweloord Fire Station will not only serve the communities of Heuweloord, Olievenhoutbosch, Laezonia, Sunderland Ridge, Mooiplaats, Laudium, Claudius, Erasmia and Wierdapark, but will also respond to motor vehicle accidents on the R55 and the N14 Pretoria/Krugersdorp highway, embodying to the golden hour concept.

  • An inclusive and clean city will be the way to create opportunities for the people

    An inclusive and clean city will be the way to create opportunities for the people

    Fri, Mar 17, 2017

    ​The Executive Mayor of Tshwane, Solly Msimanga, briefed members of the media on Wednesday, 15 March on the City's progress with the establishment of the Informal Trading Board and Anti-Drug Unit. 

    In doing so the Executive Mayor detailed plans to harness small businesses to align them to inner city rejuvenation and procedures to curtail drugs and illicit behaviour in Tshwane. Cllr Msimanga said that the City of Tshwane has decided to host a summit for the informal traders to further hear some of their grievances but, most importantly, how the City can further assist them to make a living and flourish within the ambit of the law. 

    The summit is aimed at developing a more detailed understanding of the informal economy and its needs. It is also an opportunity to convey to informal traders that the Inner City Rejuvenation Programme is not designed to stifle their work. Rather, it is meant to create an environment that invites residents and tourists alike into the city, which will dramatically increase the influx of people into the city and increase the market to which informal traders can sell. 

    The rapid globalisation of the drug trade over the past decade has virtually ensured that no country is immune to the threat of drug abuse and drug crime. Therefore, South Africa has become a transit route for the drug trade and a major consumer of drugs.

    The drug trade, drug abuse and all associated crime are an issue that the City has been seized with. This is evidenced by the Anti-Drug Unit that was established last year after Msimanga assumed office. This unit has had some success and is continuously intensifying its efforts to get drugs off the streets in Tshwane, including the CBD. 

    Furthermore, the City has partnered with the University of Pretoria to fight against drug and substance abuse. The most important aspect of this project is that it has initiated a significant shift in the approach to dealing with substance abuse. This is seen in the shift from victimisation of drug users, which was often characterised by sending the users either to jail or to short rehabilitation in rehabilitation centres where withdrawal and total abstinence are the sole aim, to a human rights, harm reduction and health care approach where early detection, harm reduction and care in the community through relationship building, support and re-integration into society are the main focus.

    "No community will be a no-go area for service delivery. We believe that we can bring about the conditions that will draw investment, stimulate economic activity and create job opportunities. We believe that local government is ideally placed to drive economic development and support the ambitions of enterprising South Africans," said Msimanga in closing.

  • TB Awareness Month 2017

    TB Awareness Month 2017

    Tue, Mar 7, 2017

    Did you know that, every year, tuberculosis (TB) causes thousands of deaths in South Africa and the rest of the world? The death toll also rises worldwide every year.  

    TB Awareness Month is commemorated each year from 1 to 31 March. This year's theme is "Unite to end TB and HIV: South African leaders taking action''. The City of Tshwane's Health Department aims to promote this awareness through community engagement which mainly focuses on –

    1. TB testing and screening to identify TB;
    2. enhancing the detection of TB in children;
    3. improving HIV counselling and testing; and
    4. promoting healthy lifestyles. 


    We urge citizens not to wait for all the symptoms to appear before they report to the clinic. TB is curable when treatment is taken as prescribed by the clinic. The hard-to-treat TB called MDR TB (multidrug-resistant TB) or XDR TB (extreme drug-resistant TB) may develop when one stops or skips treatment. More expensive treatment will then be needed for a very long time. 

    The following factors contribute to the prevalence of TB disease:

    1. Alcoholism
    2. Smoking
    3. Diseases such as diabetes
    4. Cancer treatment
    5. Continuous tiredness
    6. Overcrowding
    7. Poor nutrition
    8. Physical and emotional problems
    9. Vulnerability due to being very young or elderly
    10. Viral infections that cause low resistance 


    Anybody experiencing any of the following needs to contact their clinic for free TB screening:

    1. Persistent cough
    2. Unintentional weight loss
    3. Tiredness and weakness
    4. Night sweats
    5. Chest pains
    6. Blood in the sputum  


    Factors leading to an increase in TB cases: 

    1. Clients give wrong addresses and telephone numbers, so follow-up is difficult or impossible.
    2. There is a social stigma associated with TB.
    3. There is a lack of support from family or relatives.
    4. Patients refuse to take treatment and continue to spread TB.


    If you have TB, it does not mean that you are HIV-positive. Get tested for HIV! TB is fully curable even if you are HIV-positive. Let us fight TB together and have a healthy community. If somebody at home has TB, take all your children under the age of five to the clinic for free screening and testing for TB. 

    Plans for promoting TB awareness in Tshwane


    16 March 2017

    08:00 to 15:00

    MA Automotive Factory, Rosslyn
    • Exhibitions on various diseases
    • Health talks
    • TB screening
    • Collection of sputum when TB is suspected
    • HIV counselling and testing

    24 March 2017

    08:00 to 15:00

    Mamelodi West Community Hall
    • Exhibitions on various diseases
    • Health talks
    • TB, hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol screening
    • Education, promotion of home gardens and issuing of vegetable seeds
    • 3 to 5 km health walk and run
    • Personal hygiene
    • Collection of sputum where TB is suspected
    • HIV counselling and testing
    Other activities
    1 to 28 March 2017
    • Various early childhood development centres
    • Elderly support groups
    • Public transport sites


    • TB education to child minders
    • Promotion of TB screening for children under five years
    22 to 24 March 2017Various local community radio stations
    • Radio talks
    • Question-and-answer sessions


  • Three birdies clinched the win for Tshwane Open 2017

    Three birdies clinched the win for Tshwane Open 2017

    Mon, Mar 6, 2017

    It was a victory that was a long time coming, and when it did, Dean Burmester struggled to put into words what it meant to claim his maiden European Tour title by three strokes in the Tshwane Open on Sunday. 

    "Now I'm a European Tour winner. That sounds good," was what he could get out first. "This is massive. I can't explain where I am right now." 

    Where he is, is at the winning end of a run of three top 10s, a share of 11th in four of his five tournaments this year, top-five finishes in the Tshwane Open the previous two years, and a general banging on this door for the past few seasons. 

    "I'm elated," he said after a dominant final-round performance that saw him win on 18 under par with a closing 65 at the Pretoria Country Club. 

    Spain's Jorge Campillo and Finland's Mikko Korhonen shared second on 15 under. 

    Burmester's victory was built on a fast start of three birdies in his opening three holes, which did a lot to calm the nerves of a golfer who has been pushing hard for a victory as big as this. 

    "I had put a lot of added pressure on myself and frustration to win. Now I'm just looking forward to a full season on the European Tour." 

    A front nine of 29 – his first on the circuit – and then a birdie on 10 took him six shots clear of the field. 

    But Burmester was well aware of some tricky holes on the back nine, and was the first to admit that he made things somewhat difficult for himself with three bogeys there. 

    "I know what this golf course can do. It showed me on 16 and 17 with the bogeys there, and I made it a bit harder. But I did the job on 18, so I'm really excited."

    It was a victory made all the more rewarding by having his whole family there to witness it. 

    "It's surreal. I'm just really, really chuffed. My grandfather recently passed away so this one was for him." 

  • Message from the new City Manager: Moeketsi Mosola

    Message from the new City Manager: Moeketsi Mosola

    Fri, Mar 3, 2017

    Working together we will make Tshwane a proud home for our citizens and the pride of our nation. 

    I would like to thank everyone in the City of Tshwane for the warm welcome I have received this week when I joined you as a team member and leader of the administration.  

    A special thanks to the Executive Mayor, Councillor Solly Msimanga, Mayoral Committee, Council and our citizens for affording me the opportunity to serve them and our nation. 

    I also take this opportunity to thank top management and the entire City of Tshwane workforce (the team) for continuing to manage what has been a challenging transition since August last year. I thank you for the professionalism that you have demonstrated so far. It is this professionalism that makes me proud to be your leader. 

    Our city is very special because it is the seat of the executive that governs our country. It is here in our city where the inauguration of the President takes place every five years. Our city is a home to more than 134 embassies, representing the friendship that our country has with other nations of the world. In simple terms, our city is very important. Our city carries the wishes and hopes of our country. Our city is not only a home to our citizens, but it is also a pride of our nation. 

    It is this importance that places a huge responsibility on our political leaders and on us as professional public servants. As professional public servants of Tshwane we will strive to serve our citizens with respect, honesty and integrity. We will treat our elected leaders with respect and professionalism at all times. We will form partnerships with all our stakeholders in the city because we know and understand that changing Tshwane is not only our responsibility but everyone's business. 

    As a team we face major challenges moving forward – financial, service delivery, organisational as well as some professional challenges. However, I am confident that with the energy I have witnessed from the Executive Mayor and top management this week, we will change the City of Tshwane for good. 

    As a team member I am looking forward to listening to you, learning from you and finding solutions to our challenges working together. Working together we will make Tshwane a proud home for our citizens and the pride of our nation. 

    Moeketsi Mosola


  • Tshwane Open 2017 officially teed off

    Tshwane Open 2017 officially teed off

    Thu, Mar 2, 2017

    In its fifth year, the Tshwane Open Tour promises to be bigger and better than ever.

    The R16,5 million tournament officially teed off at the Pretoria Country Club this morning, 2 March 2017.

    After hitting the first tee shot, the Executive Mayor, Cllr Solly Msimanga, thanked all the sponsors and investors who made the tournament possible. "Your investment in this tournament means that funds are freed up to improve basic service delivery in the city," said Msimanga. 

    "By investing in the Tshwane Open Tournament, you have in effect greatly contributed to the development of our city and our civic responsibility to provide much-needed services to our people," added Msimanga.

    For the first time, the tournament includes the three junior golfers Neil Retief, Jesse Venter and Joshua Koekemoer, who earned a place in the pro-am after they won their respective divisions at the Tshwane Open Junior Tournament on 26 February.

    The 2017 Tshwane Open has a strong field, including newly crowned Joburg Open winner, Darren Fichardt, and former champion George Coetzee, as well as 2016 European Ryder Cup captain, Darren Clarke, former Masters champion, Trevor Immelman, Italian star Edoardo Molinari, the Indian great Jeev Milkha Singh and the reigning South African Open champion, Graeme Storm.

  • Road safety is a shared responsibility.

    Road safety is a shared responsibility.

    Tue, Feb 28, 2017

    Road safety in Tshwane is of great concern for the Municipality. The developing trend of unsafe road use by pedestrians and motorists alike requires public safety initiatives and interventions.  

    The MMC for Roads and Transport, Cllr Sheila Lynne, announced a year-long road safety campaign – TshwAlert – that will, amongst others, comprise an education drive, strict law enforcement, the maintenance of roads, traffic signs and markings, and the implementation of traffic-calming measures. 

    Residents can report traffic signal faults at

    Potholes can be reported at

    Don't speed.

    Don't text and drive.

    Don't drink and drive.

    Don't overtake when it is unsafe.

    Keep your following distance.

    Arrive alive!

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