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  • Tshwane to host the African Capital Cities Sustainability Forum (ACCSF) 2019

    Tshwane to host the African Capital Cities Sustainability Forum (ACCSF) 2019

    Fri, Jun 21, 2019

    ​In a few days' time, Tshwane will welcome mayors of African capitals to the African Capital Cities Sustainability Forum (ACCSF). Now in its fifth year, the ACCSF is scheduled to take place from 24 to 25 June 2019 as part of Sustainability Week (24 to 28 June 2019) at the CSIR International Convention Centre under the theme, Collective responsibility for sustainable African capital cities. 

    The ACCSF creates a platform for participants to discuss possible interventions, opportunities and threats facing African capital cities, and influence their potential for economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection. It facilitates the exchange of knowledge and learning, and explores how to find truly African solutions to African problems.  

    This year's gathering will be explored through the following topics: 

    • Unlocking the potential of urban youth
    • Improving resource efficiency through sustainable infrastructure and shaping circular economies
    • Building resilience to climate change and investing in disaster risk reduction
    • Improving equity through a people-centred approach to urban development
    • Financing and governing the future 

    The forum is expected to attract over 400 participants – mayors and city managers from African capital cities, as well as sustainability stakeholders from academia, the private sector and civil society, and the youth. It is a closed event and attendance is per invitation only. 

    The Executive Mayor of Tshwane, Cllr Stevens Mokgalapa, will give the opening address, which will be followed by a mayoral procession that will recognise the leadership of capital cities and their sustainability efforts. 

    The objectives of the ACCSF are to –  

    • create an international platform for the political leaders of African capital cities to explore new sustainability and green economy perspectives and initiatives, and share, discuss and develop strategic approaches to implementing these in their cities;
    • stimulate a dialogue among the leaders regarding the importance of committing to and mainstreaming sustainability into city operations and service delivery;
    • provide strategic continental leadership on sustainability and the green economy agenda; and
    • illustrate the importance of political leadership by taking responsibility in tackling climate change, inequality, poverty, displacement and environmental degradation.  

    For more information, you can visit



    Fri, Jun 14, 2019

    The City of Tshwane has a property portfolio spanning more than 56 000 assets. It is for this reason that the City identified the need to host a property seminar, targeting Tshwane development partners. This will form part of the journey that the City is embarking on to reinvigorate Tshwane's property sector.

    Under the theme, "Leveraging the value of public sector real estate", the seminar's primary objectives were to –

    ·         announce the strategic intent of the City of Tshwane with reference to releasing property assets to the market;
    ·         engage constructively with stakeholders on identifying, capturing and releasing the value of the public sector real estate portfolio to maximise revenue; and
    ·         explore innovative and effective approaches to growing and managing the City of Tshwane's property portfolio.

    As part of his keynote address, the Executive Mayor of Tshwane, Cllr Stevens Mokgalapa, said: "As a City that is open, honest and responsive, we are ecstatic to be hosting a seminar of this calibre. We have made a clarion call to the private sector to hold hands and partner with us in driving a strong property sector in Tshwane. Significant advances are being made in the inner City to unlock property development opportunities."

    "The construction, through a public-private partnership, of this very municipal headquarters in the heart of the inner city demonstrates the City's commitment to driving inner city revitalisation through property development. 56 properties have just been sold to the Department of Public Works to the tune of R813 million as part of facilitating the Re Kgabisa Tshwane Inner City programme," added Cllr Mokgalapa.

    In his presentation, the City Manager, Dr Moeketsi Mosola, touched on the City's strategy regarding public sector property development, the city as preferred destination for private sector real estate development and the Strategic Investment Committee. "In the capital core –Tshwane's inner city first order node, amongst all metropolitan nodes, plays a very important role with regards to the concentration of retail, office and government buildings to be found in the area," mentioned Mosola. "The economy of Tshwane is the fastest growing in Africa and the 17th fastest in the world, allowing the Metro to create jobs at 7,8%, according to the Brookings Institute report released in May 2018," he added.

    Key discussion points were:

    ·         Leveraging the revenue value of public sector real estate
    ·         Analysis of real estate market trends and implications for Tshwane
    ·         Catalytic land development as a tool for public real estate development
    ·         International comparative studies on public real estate management
    ·         The role and contribution of public real estate in facilitating spatial transformation
    ·         Unlocking opportunities across the property value chain

    Participants in the seminar included the SA Cities Network, Capital City Business Chamber, South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA), National Treasury (City Support Programme), research and academic institutions, private sector property stakeholders, and national, provincial and local government.

    There were panel discussions to get a series of expert views on the challenges and opportunities that are presented with the City of Tshwane's group property approach. Various representatives from the above-mentioned institutions engaged further on various topics.​

  • The City to address the needs of customers at walk-in centres

    The City to address the needs of customers at walk-in centres

    Thu, Jun 13, 2019

    The City of Tshwane is working hard to ensure that rate payers do not spend long hours in queues at customer care walk-in centres. The City’s Customer Relations Management (CRM) Department has resolved to appoint VNQ Systems to employ what is called a queue management system in various CRM walk-in centres around Tshwane. The system is capable of measuring customers’ waiting times, and can address performance management using the same standards at all CRM walk-in centres.


    Through the system, the City will collect data that will assist management in determining –

    ·         the type of service and volume that should be addressed;

    ·         the effectiveness of the centres; and

    ·         bottlenecks at centres.


    Management will be able to use the collected data to implement corrective measures such as moving staff to queues that are comparatively shorter, and to assist centres that are not effective. The queue management system will promote better service to Tshwane residents in a globally competitive manner.

  • Let’s beat air pollution

    Let’s beat air pollution

    Tue, Jun 11, 2019

    Have you ever wondered about the state of air quality in your area? We all need to know more, learn about and share information on how to beat air pollution.

    Air pollution is one of the biggest threats to the environment. It affects animals, crops, cities, forests and aquatic ecosystems; has a negative effect on human health, and the long-term effects of air pollution contribute directly to climate change.

    In essence, air pollution means any change in the composition of the air caused by smoke, soot, dust (including fly ash), cinders, solid particles of any kind, gases, fumes, aerosols and odorous substances. It has no boundaries, can travel for many kilometres, and has a negative impact on the environment.

    We all have a role to play to protect the earth and there are little things that one can do every day to help reduce greenhouse gases and have a less harmful impact on the environment.

    The effects of air pollution on human health:

    • Irritation of the eyes, nose and throat.
    • Coughing, chest tightness and breathing difficulties
    • Worsening of existing lung and heart problems, such as asthma
    • Long-term exposure to air pollution can cause cancer and damage to the immune, neurological, reproductive and respiratory systems.

    Let's clear our air! Be part of the solution to reduce the levels of air pollution by doing the following:

    • Plant trees to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
    • Use alternative sources of energy, such as solar power.
    • Reduce, reuse and recycle all recyclable waste.
    • Service and follow the maintenance plan for cars correctly.
    • Conserve energy by turning off appliances and lights when leaving a room.
    • Recycle paper, plastic, glass bottles, cardboard and aluminium cans. This conserves energy and reduces production emissions.
    • Keep wood stoves and fireplaces well-maintained.
    • Use gas stoves and gas heaters.
    • Lower the thermostat on the water heater.
    • Use low-volatile organic compounds (VOC) or water-based paints, stains, finishes and paint strippers.
    • Join a carpool or use public transport to get to work.
    • Walk or cycle instead of driving, where possible.
    • Buy Energy Star products, including energy-efficient lighting and appliances.

    Report air pollution at telephone: 012 358 1351.



    Fri, Jun 7, 2019

    ​From 3 to 4 June 2019, the City of Tshwane brought together recovering addicts, experts and various other stakeholders in Centurion for a Drug and Substance Abuse Symposium that was aimed at creating awareness of and gathering all relevant stakeholders in the fight against drug and substance abuse.


    Tshwane is severely affected by a drug called Nyaope, which has been identified as a substance that dominates the streets of the capital city. The City has also observed an increase in intravenous drug use known as "Bluetooth", which further exacerbates the challenges in our communities and impacts on the health system. Drugs are an extreme social calamity and, if not attended to, could result in the total collapse of known community structures.


    The symposium was aimed at –


    • identifying best practices from all stakeholders;
    • identifying gaps in current strategies; and
    • identifying strategies to close the identified gaps.


    Professor Jannie Hugo from the University of Pretoria, who works with community outreach programmes, says substance abuse continues to be difficult to fight due to a lack of understanding of the threat drug abuse poses to local communities. Hugo believes that reducing the harm and suffering from drug abuse is key to fighting the scourge.


    The acting Executive Mayor, Alderman Anniruth Kissoonduth (MMC for Health), signed a pledge to commit the City of Tshwane to intensify its campaign against drug and substance abuse and to build a safer environment for residents. Given the complexity of this drug abuse problem, the City believes that it can adequately address this challenge through the collective wisdom of various stakeholders within and outside government.


    The City of Tshwane Drug Master Plan will link with the City's strategic objectives and ensure a shared commitment by all City of Tshwane departments in the implementation of the plan. 

  • The City appeals to childcare owners to comply with childcare by-law

    The City appeals to childcare owners to comply with childcare by-law

    Tue, Jun 4, 2019

    The City appeals to owners of childcare facilities to adhere to the municipal childcare by-law. The by-law ensures that childcare owners are certified and that children who attend childcare facilities are effectively cared for in clean, hygienic and safe environments. All childcare facilities must be certified to ensure that they are suitable for the well-being of children.


    The City wants to put on record that all childcare facilities that operate within the Tshwane jurisdiction must be issued with a health certificate by an environmental health practitioner. Any childcare centre operating without being in possession of this certificate is operating illegally, and will be dealt with according to the law. The certificate is issued to the person in charge, indicating the total number of children allowed to be accommodated in such premises as well as the facility's official operating hours.


    The following requirements should be adhered to in order to operate a childcare facility:

    • Proper zoning rights must be obtained from the City Planning Department
    • No Health certificate – no permission to operate!
    • The number of children, age groups, minimum and maximum ages, and operating hours must be displayed on the certificate.
    • The certificate must be displayed at all times in a conspicuous space –a "visible area where anyone can see it."
    • The certificate is not transferable when the owner dies, or upon relocation, from one person to another.
    • The certificate is valid only for two years.


    The City has the right to withdraw the certificate if the owner is found to be contravening the by-law. 


    Kitchen rules:

    • The kitchen must be provided for separately, and only be used for purposes of the centre.
    • For safety, children must not have access to the kitchen.
    • The kitchen must be clean at all times.
    • The certificate of acceptability must be displayed at all times.


    In May 2019, the City conducted workshops across all seven regions to confirm the requirements of the by-laws and the importance of compliance. Full information regarding the by-law was communicated during the workshops, and can further be obtained from the City's website (


    Any health contraventions and complaints of early childhood development centres should be reported at telephone 012 358 4656 or email

  • Close encounters with Tshwane’s natural world

    Close encounters with Tshwane’s natural world

    Mon, Jun 3, 2019

    ​Natural Science learners from Filadelfia Secondary School, Prinshof School for the Partially Sighted and the Blind, and the Itireleng Care Facility for the Disabled had a very special encounter with nature on International Day for Biological Diversity at the Wonderboom Nature Reserve on 22 May.

    Designed to accommodate blind, deaf and physically impaired learners, the event presented a distinctive biological diversity awareness programme that accommodated leaners with disabilities and also complimented the school Grade 8 curriculum for natural science.

    The City's leadership addressed the audience on local biodiversity issues. The interactive session was a learning experience through hands-on exhibitions, guided braille and a wheelchair ramp trail.

    The City's biodiversity education programme for 2019 activities are designed to –

    •           build capacity and promote participation in the protection of biodiversity;

    •           sensitise residents about local biodiversity threats in protected areas and in open spaces;

    •           raise awareness about the impact of urbanisation on biodiversity and actions that can be taken to avoid or minimise the impact; 

    •           disseminate information to residents and relevant institutions about biodiversity education and awareness programmes offered by the City, and how to access these programmes;

    •           promote the City's ecotourism facilities and services and to encourage residents to access the offered services; and

    •           support the Department of Education with a hands-on biodiversity programme that compliments the curriculum for Grade 8 learners.

  • Initiation schools to re-open in June

    Initiation schools to re-open in June

    Thu, May 30, 2019

    ​Initiation schools in Tshwane will re-open in June after the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (known as the CRL Rights Commission) suspended all initiation activities in Gauteng last year.


    The City's Municipal Health Services has started to process applications from initiation schools and will start issuing certificates for the operation of initiation schools on 1 June for the entire winter school holiday season.


    Owners and principals of schools who are found operating initiation schools illegally in Tshwane will be prosecuted in accordance with the stipulations of the relevant by-law.


    All initiation school practitioners, traditional leaders and traditional healers, as well as other stakeholders interested in initiation schools are advised to present the required application documents to the City by 31 May 2019.


    For more information, please contact Mr David Muhali (012 358 3146/082 313 7964) or Mr Philemon Moropane (012 358 9402/084 3718 371).



    Wed, May 29, 2019

    Rand Water has restricted water supply to Tshwane and other metros in Gauteng. The restrictions were implemented as a result of high water consumption. The City therefore appeals to residents and the business community in Tshwane to intensify their efforts to conserve water and use it sparingly.


    Water supply to Tshwane is being restricted by 25% as a result of low reservoir levels at Brakfontein, Klipfontein and Hartebeeshoek. Rand Water's average reservoir level is at 40% and the demand on the system is high, resulting in a drop in reservoir levels.


    In order to ensure the control and provision of water supply to all residents and businesses, the restrictions are applicable throughout Tshwane. However, to avoid a total collapse of bulk supply, the following areas were restricted severely from 27 May 2019:

    -           Ga-Rankuwa industrial sites

    -           Mabopane

    -           Ga-Rankuwa

    -           Akasia Park

    -           Kruisfontein

    -           Brakfontein

    -           Thaba Tshwane

    -           Blair Athol

    -           Pretoria West

    -           Sunnyside

    -           Arcadia

    -           Meintjieskop

    -           City centre (CBD)

    -           Wonderboom

    -           Saulsville

    -           Erasmia


    The levels of the reservoirs that supply those areas are very low. If this appeal is heeded, water-related interruptions will be limited. The water conservation measures that were implemented during the initial restrictions should become the norm.


    Some water saving tips:

    •           Use grey water for watering gardens and flushing toilets.

    •           Report water leaks and pipe bursts.

    •           Install water-saving devices.

    •           Where possible, install a low-flow showerhead and tap aerators.

    •           Use a dual-flush toilet cistern.

    •           Plant indigenous or drought-resistant shrubs in the garden. 

    •           Water gardens before 06:00 or after 18:00 and only when necessary.

    •           Use a broom instead of a hosepipe to clean driveways or patios.

    •           Collect rainwater for re-use in the garden or for washing the car.

    •           Cover the swimming pool to reduce evaporation.

    •           Take a shower rather than a bath.

    •           Close a running tap while brushing teeth or shaving.

    •           Regularly check toilets and taps for leaks.

  • A force to be reckoned with

    A force to be reckoned with

    Thu, May 23, 2019

    It takes a great person to achieve great things in life and such greatness entails a lot of hard work and tireless pursuance of one's goals. Hard work, dedication, sacrifices and passion are the building blocks to becoming an achiever. However, in this world full of go-getters and intelligent minds, one also has to possess certain qualities that make you stand out even higher. This is what Mr Umar Banda is all about.

    Banda is a man on a mission to becoming one of the best CFOs in South Africa. He is a member of CFO South Africa, a leading networking, business and news platform for accounting and finance professionals. That he is using this platform to its full advantage is evident from his innovations and his latest feat, a prominent award.

    CFO South Africa annually runs CFO awards that seek to recognise CFOs of listed companies, large corporations, state-owned entities and government institutions for outstanding performance and leadership. The organisation selected Banda as its Young CFO of the Year 2019. The award goes to finance professionals who have shown remarkable professional development and have been of great value to the organisation. The City's leadership could not be more proud of its Chief Financial Officer and his achievement!

    Looking at his track record at the City of Tshwane, it is clear that Banda deserved this award, given the game-changing interventions he has brought into the institution to overhaul the City's Finance Department and enhancing overall performance of the City as far as its finances are concerned. In partnership with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), Banda, a chartered accountant himself, introduced a training programme in the City of Tshwane for finance graduates. This initiative, called the Chartered Accountant Training (CAT) Programme, seeks to recruit chartered accountant graduates. "The CA profession has over the years produced chartered accountant professionals for the private sector. This is an opportunity to have the same calibre of professionals in local government," says Banda.

    The initiative has made the City of Tshwane the first municipality in the country to provide training to finance graduates. One of the key objectives of the City of Tshwane is to professionalise the institution, which means recruiting only the best individuals for available positions in the institution, namely individuals who have the requisite skills and meet all requirements. This is important, as it contributes to producing a skilled workforce that will be capable of delivering services provided by the City to those who need them. This is what Banda aims to achieve with the CAT Programme. "I am doing my bit in my space and that will surely contribute to the overall performance of the organisation in the long run. I am grateful to be surrounded by a great team of professionals who share my vision and have the same passion for what we do as finance professionals. The contribution of these team members make challenges that we come across during the course of our work very easy to tackle."

    On winning the award, Banda said, "I feel very honoured to have been announced as the Young CFO of the Year. This award is a great motivator and I will work even harder and represent my employer well."

  • Planned maintenance of electricity components in Rayton

    Planned maintenance of electricity components in Rayton

    Wed, May 22, 2019

    The power utility, Eskom, has informed the City of Tshwane about the need to shut down the power supply to Rayton town on Friday, 24 May 2019. The shutdown is required in order to carry out emergency maintenance work on components that supply electricity to the area. The maintenance will ensure that the recurrent cable faults that often lead to power outages are minimised.  

    The interruption period will be from 08:00 to 15:00. 

    Residents are urged to treat all network points as live at all times.

  • Tshwane to welcome the sixth democratic President

    Tshwane to welcome the sixth democratic President

    Mon, May 20, 2019

    On Saturday, 25 May 2019, South Africa will inaugurate its sixth democratically elected President, following the general elections held on 8 May 2019. The inauguration will take place at Loftus Versfeld Stadium in Pretoria in the form of a formal ceremony to mark the beginning of the President's term of office. The President will deliver an address to inform South Africans of his vision and intent during his term of office. The Deputy President will also be inaugurated.


    The theme for the inauguration is "Together Celebrating Democracy: Renewal and Growth for a Better South Africa". It reinforces that everyone has a role to play in building a brighter tomorrow and emphasises that we must build on our achievements and work even harder to tackle poverty, inequality and unemployment.


    On the day of the inauguration, some streets in the vicinity of Soutpansberg, Loftus and Hatfield will temporarily be closed. Road closures during the Presidential Inauguration will commence on 24 May 2019 at 15:00 and end on Saturday, 25 May 2019 at 22:00.


    The following streets will be temporarily closed for traffic:




    Soutpansberg Road and Gordon StreetRose Street and Parker Street
    Soutpansberg Road and Wren StreetNorth Street and Nuffield Street
    Woodlands Drive and Gordon StreetVan der Merwe Street and North Street
    Soutpansberg Road and Tom Jenkins DriveLys Street and 18th Avenue
    Soutpansberg Road and Van der Merwe StreetKieser Street and Lys Street
    Soutpansberg Road and Nuffield StreetRussel Street and Tom Jenkins Drive
    Soutpansberg Road and Parker StreetEastwood Street and Government Avenue




    Eastwood Street and Francis Baard StreetBrecher Street and Walton Jameson Avenue
    Orient Street and Francis Baard StreetIvy Street and Maple Street
    Arcadia Street and Hill StreetMyrtle Street and Maple Street
    Park Street and Hill StreetPark Street and Beckett Street
    University Road and Burnett StreetArcadia Street and Beckett Street
    Lynnwood Road and Roper StreetFarenden Street and Francis Baard Street
    Lynnwood Road and Jan Shoba StreetKirkness Street and Park Street
    Lynnwood Road and University RoadKirkness Street and Bond Street
    University Road and Walton Jameson AvenueKirkness Street and Lynnwood Road
    University Road and Justice Mahomed StreetBond Street and Farenden Street
    Jorissen Street and Walton Jameson AvenueFarenden Street and Park Street
    Bond Street and Walton Jameson AvenueAyton Street and Farenden Street
    Villa Street and Walton Jameson AvenueSoutpansberg Road at the entrance of Rietondale Park for the park and ride


    Residents of Loftus and Rietondale who will be affected by the street closures must collect permits from Friday, 17 May to Wednesday, 22 May 2019. These residents must bring along their identity documents, proof of residence and vehicle registration numbers to collect the permits.


    Residents in the Loftus vicinity must collect permits at Loftus Versfeld at the reception area in Kirkness Street where City of Tshwane staff will set up a desk to issue the permits. Those using vehicles to collect the permits can park at the open parking area at Loftus Park.


    Residents in Rietondale must collect their permits at the Rietondale Park Tennis Club in Van Der Merwe Street.


    Permits must be collected as follows:


    Friday, 17 May 201909:00 to 18:00
    Saturday, 18 May 201914:00 to 18:00
    Sunday, 19 May 2019 09:00 to 17:00
    Monday, 20 May 201909:00 to 18:00
    Tuesday, 21 May 201909:00 to 18:00
    Wednesday, 22 May 201909:00 to 18:00


    Please note that only residents that will be affected by the street closures may collect permits.


    Tshwane residents who cannot make it to Loftus Versfeld can view the inauguration live at the Filadelphia Special School.


    The inauguration will also be broadcasted live on television and radio stations.

  • Executive Mayor, Cllr Stevens Mokgalapa, to deliver the 2019/20 Budget Speech

    Executive Mayor, Cllr Stevens Mokgalapa, to deliver the 2019/20 Budget Speech

    Thu, May 16, 2019

    The Budget Speech is scheduled for 10:00 on Thursday, 23 May 2019 at the Tshwane House Council Chamber.

    It will be broadcast live on Tshwane TV and the following community radio stations: Sosha FM, Laudium FM, Tshwane FM, Kangala Community Radio, UNISA Radio, Moretele FM, Mams FM, TUT Soshanguve Campus, Tshwane FM, Pheli FM and Sefako Makgato University FM.


    Proposed tariff increases for the 2019/20 financial year

    • Sanitation: 10,0%
    • Refuse removal: 6,0%
    • Water: 10,0%
    • Electricity: 13,81%
    • Property rates: 6,0%


    For more information on the draft budget, visit our website by clicking on the following link: Click here for Draft Budget


  • New emergency number and a new fleet launched in Tshwane

    New emergency number and a new fleet launched in Tshwane

    Tue, May 7, 2019

    The City of Tshwane launched one-zero-seven (107) on Monday, 6 May 2019 as the new emergency number as well as a new fleet of emergency vehicles.


    People commonly panic easily in times of crisis, making it a challenge for them to remember a ten-digit number. That's why the City has decided to introduce 107 as an emergency number.


    The new number is easy for older people and kids to remember. The number connects directly to the City's control centre. The number can be dialed using a landline and even free of charge, and it is available any time. Parents are encouraged to teach their kids to memorise the new number.


    The new emergency number can be used for any emergency-related incident, such as a life-threatening emergency calling for an ambulance, firefighting, disaster assistance of rescue. Although the City has launched the new number, the old numbers are still in use.


    According to the Executive Mayor, Cllr Stevens Mokgalapa, the new fleet vehicles will assist greatly in fire and rescue incidents, incidents involving spillage of chemicals and dangerous goods, and major incidents that require mobile incident command. The vehicles are part of the City of Tshwane's programme to strategically replace its emergency service fleet.

  • A Re Yeng Mams

    A Re Yeng Mams

    Tue, Apr 30, 2019

    People gathered in support in Mamelodi to witness the successful launch of the completed A Re Yeng line linking Mamelodi to the CBD, which includes the Denneboom Bridge in Waltloo.

    Led by the MMC for Roads and Transport, Cllr Sheila Senkubuge, the project became a success. "The capacity to deliver on the economic health of our country remains with local government, and Roads and Transport was one of the key economic drivers for this to happen," said Cllr Senkubuge in her speech. She also touched on the importance of strategic planning and coordination to achieve desired goals. She showed appreciation for the colleagues in her department who presented commitment and dedication in doing their work, as well as the selflessness and many hours tirelessly invested in the project.

    The A Re Yeng launch of the completed Line 2C and Denneboom Bridge, which will link the Central Business District (CBD) to Mahube Valley in Mamelodi East, went very well, with the Executive Mayor also applauding the team.

    "I can safely say that this project has further strengthened my faith in the Mamelodi community around issues of development and collaboration. I wish to applaud the team of Roads and Transport for their display of larger leadership eminence in their collaborative efforts to make this a reality without any major hindrances. This is what I mean when I say service delivery is my ONLY priority, and I am proud to be associated with this winning team of Roads and Transport," said Cllr Mokgalapa. 

    "A Re Yeng is truly living its ethos and slogan of 'Connecting the Capital' as we build a world-class city that truly epitomises and befits the capital of the Republic of South Africa. Efforts to accommodate affected Barekisi had to be dealt with in a responsible manner, given our efforts to build an inclusive economy. To this end, I am proud, Cllr Sheila Senkubuge, that your department had the wisdom and compassion to offer Barekisi well-deserved marquees to continue with their business of the day; for that we applaud you," concluded Cllr Mokgalapa.   

    The A Re Yeng network is being implemented in several phases to provide an extensive high-quality integrated transportation network, stimulating and supporting social and economic development. 


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