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    Thu, Oct 5, 2017

    The Emergency Services Department would like to caution the people of Tshwane to be safe during rainy season. From the beginning of October every year until the end of summer, severe thunderstorms with hail occur in the city.

    The thunderstorms are usually accompanied by one or more of the following: thunder, lightning, strong winds, hail and rain. They usually last about 30 minutes, but may take longer in severe cases. Early thunderstorm warnings are issued by the South African Weather Service via radio, television, websites and newspapers. The building up of heavy and dark clouds is usually a sign that a storm is about to break out.

    Preparing for the rainy season:

    ●         Repair all roof leaks.

    ●          Trim back tree branches from your house.

    ●          Check and clean roof gutters.

    ●          Do not dump rubbish in the water drainage system.

    ●          When erecting a house or dwelling, make sure it is clear of the natural watercourses of the surrounding area.

    ●          Erect a lightning conductor when you live in a thatched building.

    ●         Have emergency numbers at hand.

    Precautions to be taken upon receiving warnings:

    ●          Secure all loose objects outside the house or dwelling.

    ●         Cover cars or park them in garages.

    ●         Bring livestock and pets to shelter.

    ●         Disconnect all electrical appliances.

    ●         Stop all swimming.

    ●         Listen to the radio for the latest weather updates and information.

    ●         Have an emergency kit with torches, batteries, candles and matches ready.

    ●         Remember that if you can hear thunder, you are within striking distance of the storm.

    Precautions when you are outdoors during a storm:

    ●          Go inside a building if you can.

    ●          Do not operate metal machinery or objects like bicycles and lawnmowers.

    ●          Avoid hilltops and high areas.

    ●          Avoid open spaces like sports fields.

    ●          Keep away from isolated tall trees.

    ●          Holding an umbrella or fishing rod is particularly dangerous if you are in an open space.

    ●          Do not drive during a severe storm – get a safe place to park, but not close to electrical power lines, trees, streams and rivers.

    ●          Do not swim.

    ●          Stay clear of metal structures like fences.

    Please call the following numbers in case of an emergency:

    • 10177
    • 012 310 6300

    012 310 6400

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