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    Tue, Oct 10, 2017

    It is Weed Busters Week!  Help the City get rid of weeds and our ongoing campaign aimed at the management and containment of invasive alien plants.


    Weeds are invasive or alien plant species that are considered undesirable and tend to be persistent in the ecosystem. Some weeds can also be native plants that move from their natural habitats into new environments and establish themselves. Invasive plants can be noted through their ability of maturing and spreading aggressively over a short period of time. Once they spread they become difficult to control and eventually dominate the whole area. Invasive plants have major negative impacts on the environment; they compete with indigenous plants for nutrients, water, space and sunlight. Alien plants outcompete indigenous plants, leading to a great loss of ecotourism value.

    Early detection and eradication of invasive plants is crucial due to the high management costs arising from the use of physical, mechanical and chemical control measures. We need to be on the lookout for new infestations and report potential new weeds or new outbreaks to the local weed inspectors as it is the responsibility of all land owners, communities and all levels of government to detect and eradicate invasive plants. During October the Environment and Agriculture Management Department will conduct information sessions around the city on how to identify and control weeds.

    For weed control, please contact those listed below:


    Area                                        Name                                                  Contact number                   

    East                                         Hannes Oelofse                                  012 358 0599
    Central West                           Gerhard Horn                                      012 258 1731
    South                                       Anton Page                                         012 358 1793
    North                                       Phildette Heunis                                  012 543 0918

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