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  • City’s immovable asset verification campaign

    City’s immovable asset verification campaign

    Mon, Jun 11, 2018

    The City of Tshwane has initiated an immovable asset verification process with the purpose of preparing an accurate register of all its immovable assets such as land, property and roads, as well as electricity and water systems.

    This is a complete verification of municipal assets that will help to obtain clarity on what belongs to the City and what does not. This process, which is conducted by Akhile Consortium on behalf of the City, is already underway and will take several months to complete. It will cover all seven regions of Tshwane.


    Preparing the asset register entails the physical verification and evaluation of each asset in terms of its existence, current state, maintenance requirements and revenue regeneration. As part of job creation, Akhile Consortium has given preference to unemployed residents of Tshwane to perform the verification. Most of these were recruited from institutions of higher learning.


    A total of 120 fieldworkers were appointed for the asset verification in all regions of Tshwane. They will wear branded identification cards, caps and overalls. They will not conduct door-to-door evaluation, therefore communities must be vigilant and not be defrauded by bogus fieldworkers.


    It is important that Tshwane residents are aware of this process so as to cooperate with the fieldworkers in order to enable them to perform this important task for the City. The assets belong to our communities, and we implore them to take ownership of the assets by protecting them from vandalism and theft.

    All residents are urged to report any vandalism or destruction of municipal assets to the Tshwane Metro Police Department on 012 358 7095/6.

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