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  • Sinkholes update: Jean Avenue partially open

    Sinkholes update: Jean Avenue partially open

    Fri, Aug 10, 2018

    We are happy to announce that Phase 1 of the sinkhole repairs at the intersection of Jean Avenue and Gerhard Street in Centurion has been successfully completed.


    Traffic flow in Gerhard Street will improve after it was partially reopened to the north and south. Vehicles will only be able to turn east from Gerhard Street into Jean Avenue. Vehicles will still be unable to turn west into Jean Avenue from Gerhard Street because that portion of the road will be closed in order to repair the second subsidence – these repairs are currently underway.


    The sinkhole has caused massive disruption to businesses and traffic flow in Centurion. This is the largest single cost of repair (R25 million). The site was handed over to the contractor, who has the necessary capacity to undertake the work, in January 2018.


    At least R27,5 million had been allocated for the 2017/2018 financial year to repair the five highest-ranked sinkholes. R25 million will be made available in the current financial year for the rehabilitation of other sinkholes.


    Due to the high number of sinkholes, a process has been developed that prioritises sinkholes in terms of repair priority. The following factors are considered during the prioritisation process:


    • Safety of residents
    • Exposure to risk
    • Extent of damage
    • Stability of the sinkhole
    • Age of the sinkhole
    • Scope of the repair works
    • Availability of funds
    • Capacity to repair


    It is important to note that sinkholes can occur naturally over time, but they are aggravated in built-up areas due to leakage and ingress of storm water or wastewater into the subsurface, as well as through lowering of the groundwater table through dewatering.


    We urge residents to report any sign of developing sinkholes in their areas to the City in order to ensure that we can respond in a timely manner.

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