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  • Gauteng International Arts Festival: 24 September to 7 October 2018

    Gauteng International Arts Festival: 24 September to 7 October 2018

    Mon, Oct 1, 2018

    The GauFestival, a community-based project in the heart of Tshwane run by a registered non-profit organisation, was launched in October 2016. The project includes many art forms and has an international flavour. The Board is made up of City of Tshwane representatives, various theatres, the law firm Couzyn, Hertzog and Horak, art galleries and various community projects.


    The purpose of the GauFestival is to bring together all who are involved in the arts, as well as the community of Tshwane and the greater Gauteng.


    The GauFestival aims to create awareness of the arts in our community and to set up a platform for all developing and existing artists. Expect art exhibitions, theatrical productions, musical performances and more from local talent.

    In support of the activities of GauFestival this year, a key event called “Trees are Life” was hosted at the Brooklyn Theatre yesterday. This was a school prize-giving ceremony to award the most talented primary and high school learners who participated in the “Trees are Life” competition, which also goes well with Arbor Month, September. The drum beats and the marimba performance by the Protea Boys and Girls Club created an overwhelming vibe during the ceremony.  

    Some may celebrate Arbor Day, Arbor Week or Arbor Month, but trees are important all year round, and they have been so for years gone by and will be so for years to come. The value of trees is so often underestimated. Truth is, we cannot live without them; we have no other option but to care for them.

    To motivate the learners, one of the speakers mentioned the importance of planting trees, and emphasised that we must create awareness of the value of trees and the vital role they play in terms of beauty, building materials, food, medicine, well-being, etc. The speaker also encouraged communities to hold “greening” events.

    The Trees are Life awards were given in the following categories:

    ·      Essay and poetry

    ·      The arts

    ·      Champion trees


    The ceremony rewarded the champion trees prize winners, whose trees had to be situated on their school grounds. The prize was shared by Barnato High School and Berea Primary School for planting the magnificent cork oak (Quercus Suber).

    The event concluded with a tree-planting ceremony at the garden of Brooklyn Theatre.

    The GauFestival takes place in 14 venues around Tshwane until 7 October 2018.

    Concert tickets range from R80 to R190 per person.


    For more information about GauFestival 2018 and ticket sales, go to 

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