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  • The City appeals to childcare owners to comply with childcare by-law

    The City appeals to childcare owners to comply with childcare by-law

    Tue, Jun 4, 2019

    The City appeals to owners of childcare facilities to adhere to the municipal childcare by-law. The by-law ensures that childcare owners are certified and that children who attend childcare facilities are effectively cared for in clean, hygienic and safe environments. All childcare facilities must be certified to ensure that they are suitable for the well-being of children.


    The City wants to put on record that all childcare facilities that operate within the Tshwane jurisdiction must be issued with a health certificate by an environmental health practitioner. Any childcare centre operating without being in possession of this certificate is operating illegally, and will be dealt with according to the law. The certificate is issued to the person in charge, indicating the total number of children allowed to be accommodated in such premises as well as the facility's official operating hours.


    The following requirements should be adhered to in order to operate a childcare facility:

    • Proper zoning rights must be obtained from the City Planning Department
    • No Health certificate – no permission to operate!
    • The number of children, age groups, minimum and maximum ages, and operating hours must be displayed on the certificate.
    • The certificate must be displayed at all times in a conspicuous space –a "visible area where anyone can see it."
    • The certificate is not transferable when the owner dies, or upon relocation, from one person to another.
    • The certificate is valid only for two years.


    The City has the right to withdraw the certificate if the owner is found to be contravening the by-law. 


    Kitchen rules:

    • The kitchen must be provided for separately, and only be used for purposes of the centre.
    • For safety, children must not have access to the kitchen.
    • The kitchen must be clean at all times.
    • The certificate of acceptability must be displayed at all times.


    In May 2019, the City conducted workshops across all seven regions to confirm the requirements of the by-laws and the importance of compliance. Full information regarding the by-law was communicated during the workshops, and can further be obtained from the City's website (


    Any health contraventions and complaints of early childhood development centres should be reported at telephone 012 358 4656 or email

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