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  • Trees are vital to our existence because they clean the air

    Trees are vital to our existence because they clean the air

    Mon, Sep 2, 2019

    In South Africa the first week of September is designated National Arbor Week, a week that leads up to Arbor Day, on 7 September. It is a special day set aside to raise awareness of trees and the important role they play in our everyday lives. 

    Arbor Month promotes the planting and maintenance of indigenous trees throughout South Africa. Each year specific trees are identified to receive special focus, one common tree and one rare tree. The common tree for 2019 is the marula tree (Sclerocarya birrea), and the rare species is the apple-leaf tree (Philenptera violacea).  

    Trees, as plants, contribute towards cleaning the air by consuming carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.  

    The City observes Arbor Month through a series of action-oriented activities to promote urban forestry.

    Tshwane will also celebrate Arbor Month 2019 under the theme Forest and sustainable cities. The City's Environment and Agriculture Management Department invites communities, officials and individuals to submit requests for trees on behalf of schools, churches, orphanages and community centres. Please send a request letter to or call 012 358 6090 to make arrangements to deliver the letter of request.  

    The following information must be provided in the letter:

    • The area where the trees will be planted
    • Street name
    • Suburb or township name
    • Contact number and address of the person requesting the trees

      The details of the organisation to receive the trees should also be indicated in the letter, including the organisation's name, contact person and contact number.

    Trees are the lungs of the earth. If we destroy them, we destroy ourselves.

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