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  • Please reduce your water use and make every effort to save water

    Please reduce your water use and make every effort to save water

    Sat, Oct 26, 2019

    Residents of Tshwane are urged to make every effort to use water sparingly. The current heatwave and insufficient rain are putting a strain on the city's reservoir levels.  

    As of 24 October 2019, Rand Water began implementing Stage 2 water restrictions on all meters across the City of Tshwane. The percentage for Stage 2 water restrictions is between 40% and 50% and it is implemented if there is no improvement in reservoir levels after implementing Stage 1 restrictions.  

    During this period, consumers will experience low pressure. However, with the current heat wave which has increased water demand, it has become imperative for Rand Water to implement further, more stringent restrictions across the whole distribution network to try and curb the demand as the reservoirs' levels are continuing to drop.  

    The Vaal Dam, which is one of the essential dams in the Integrated Vaal River System, has been severely affected and its levels have decreased to 51,5% this week. Another contributing factor to the decrease in the water levels of the Vaal Dam is the shutdown of the Lesotho Highlands Water Tunnel for a two-month maintenance period from 1 October to 30 November 2019. As a result of the shutdown, no water will be transferred to the Integrated Vaal River System during this period because the tunnel has been drained for maintenance to take place. 

    Rand Water restricts the bulk water supply to Tshwane when the daily usage exceeds the limit as per the Rand Water Extraction Water Licence from the Integrated Vaal River System. The Vaal Dam water level has declined rapidly over the last few weeks. Last year, during the same period, the reservoir levels stood safely at 86,6%.

    Water conservation simply means using our limited water supply wisely and caring for it properly. Water is not a limitless resource, so without conservation efforts, this vital resource may be exhausted.

    We urge residents to make the following water conservation measures part of normal lifestyle.

    Please note that the following water restrictions are in place:

    • No watering or irrigation of gardens with hosepipes or sprinkler systems between 06:00 and 18:00
    • No washing of vehicles with hosepipes
    • No filling of swimming pools 

    Water saving tips

    Don't just flush water down the toilet 

    • Flush the toilet only when necessary and squirt some bleach or disinfectant regularly to sanitise the toilet
    • Place a filled glass bottle in your cistern to reduce the water used for each flush
    • Flush with grey water only
    • Close the toilet stopcock to avoid using clean water to flush
    • Use less toilet paper and do not use the toilet as a dustbin

      Bucket your water

    • Use buckets in the shower to catch some extra water
    • Place a bucket next to your bath, pour your bathwater in the bucket and use it to flush the toilet or to water the garden
    • Place a bucket in your sink to save water when you run the tap for warm water, instead of allowing the water to run down the drain

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