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  • Tshwane is gearing up to become a carbon-neutral and climate-resilient city by 2050

    Tshwane is gearing up to become a carbon-neutral and climate-resilient city by 2050

    Thu, Sep 10, 2020

    Climate action planning in the City of Tshwane has stepped up a gear as its officials and stakeholders deliberate on climate actions for a carbon-neutral and climate-resilient city.

    On Tuesday, 8 September 2020, an online action prioritisation workshop was held with various stakeholders as part of the City’s process to develop a climate action plan (CAP) – a plan that will transition Tshwane to become climate-resilient and carbon-neutral by 2050.

    Over the last six years, the City Sustainability Unit has laid the foundation for the development and implementation of a CAP designed to create a city that is carbon-neutral and climate-resilient. The process started by focussing on the evidence to substantiate a response to climate change. This included a greenhouse gas emissions inventory, which is an annual undertaking to determine the sources and quantities of greenhouse gas emissions as a way of determining actions to reduce these emissions. It also involved a climate risk and vulnerability assessment to determine climate risks by examining the nexus of social and economic vulnerabilities, climate hazards and exposure, thus determining the measures to mitigate these risks.

    A climate response strategy was finalised in 2017. It crafted ten strategic outcomes to drive Tshwane’s transition to carbon-neutrality and climate-resilience. The development of a CAP was the next logical step and, through the City’s membership of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, the City was assigned technical support to facilitate a City-owned process that would ensure full ownership and buy-in of the CAP.

    The development of the CAP has been a very consultative process and the framing of climate actions was scientifically informed.

    City departments are shaping the climate actions to align with their departmental realities, creating the very ownership to ensure the successful implementation of the CAP. The City Sustainability Unit has also ensured that there is alignment between the development of the CAP and national and provincial processes to ensure that local government plays its part in climate response and promoting climate resilience.

    The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group is supporting the City in the development of its plan to ensure that it is based on a solid scientific foundation and mindful of the context in which climate actions are expected to be implemented. A C40 CAP advisor is based at the City’s City Sustainability Unit.

    Sustainable Energy Africa provides the City with technical support in relation to mitigation planning. It supports the City’s Green Buildings Programme and has a delegate based in the City Sustainability Unit as the C40 new buildings programme advisor.

    The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is the City’s technical partner in the adaptation planning component, and is doing cutting-edge work in this regard.

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