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  • New tariffs for applications according to the City’s Land Management Policy

    New tariffs for applications according to the City’s Land Management Policy

    Fri, Oct 23, 2020

    One of the primary functions of a local authority is to provide services to residents within its municipal area. The funding of these services is made possible by levying property taxes, charging for municipal services rendered and collecting business levies. Tariffs represent the charges levied by the City on consumers for the use of services provided by the municipality. The calculation of these charges depend on the nature of the service being provided. They may be set in a manner so as to recover the full cost of the service being provided, to recover part of the costs or to bring about a surplus that can be used to subsidise other non-economical services.

    The City of Tshwane embarked on a comparative analysis with other municipalities to restructure its management of the application process for land and property applications. One of the gaps in the process was the absence of an administrative fee system to process applications and manage contracts. The restructuring will assist to manage the substantial volume of applications the City receives. Furthermore, the fees will cover the costs the City incurs when processing applications, for example the publishing of public notices.

    A new fee structure was approved by the Head Administrator, Mpho Nawa, with other various tariffs and application fees for 2020/21 for implementation from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021. However, the implementation date had to be moved to a later stage due to various internal mapping processes and procedures.

    The application fees are applicable to categories of properties that qualify for applications according to the Land Management Policy which was approved in March 2019, and include the following:

    • Churches and non-governmental organisations
    • Applications for sporting and recreational purposes
    • Applications for cellular masts
    • Applications to register servitudes on City-owned land
    • Applications to acquire or lease unviable properties
    • Unsolicited bids
    • Applications for land release relevant to historical allocation

      All other categories of leases, such as business leases, will be subjected to a proactive release and competitive bidding process. The calculation of the fees is based on an average benchmarking from research and analysis of other metropolitan municipalities.

      The fees will be reviewed annually, which is in line with the City's revised policy on the management of immovable property. 

      Contact Details: 
    Tariffs and application fees
    Responsible official Contact details
    • Servitudes
    • Tariffs for minor encroachments
    • Lease application fee
    • Granting of temporary permission (30 day use)
    • Applications for gardening and/or security purposes
    Nomsa Molako

    Telephone: 012 358 7464


    • Valuation costs
    • Advertising fee (unsolicited bids)
    Tembakazi Mdledle

    Telephone: 012 358 3569


    • Consent and contract administration fees
    Strike Maluleke

    Telephone: 012 354 5494


    To view tariffs please click on link:

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