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  • Cleaning the capital city through the Tswelopele clean-up campaign

    Cleaning the capital city through the Tswelopele clean-up campaign

    Tue, Dec 15, 2020

    On Saturday, 12 December 2020, the Executive Mayor of Tshwane, together with the members of the Mayoral Committee, City of Tshwane staff, local councillors and local community members, relaunched the Tswelopele clean-up campaign in Mamelodi.  

    They spent the morning moving through a series of illegal dumping sites where they worked together to clean up neighbourhoods.  

    The Tswelopele clean-up campaign is a mayoral initiative that focuses on encouraging volunteerism and instilling a sense of pride in our communities. The goal of the campaign is to inspire communities and businesses to take charge of their natural environment. This is coupled with the drive to encourage participants to focus on separating waste at the source, thus enabling recycling initiatives and reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfills and, as a result, also reducing the carbon emissions that originate from waste.  

    This day also marked the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement, which recognises the role of cities in combating climate change. Like other progressive cities around the globe, Tshwane commemorated this day by relaunching a campaign that aims to drive behavioural change in order to ensure a cleaner and greener capital city.  

    As the City moves to finalise its action plan that complies with the Paris Agreement, with the generous support of C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, we strongly believe that active citizens will ensure that we build a climate-resilient capital city.  

    Sustainable waste management and beneficiation feature strongly in our administration's strategic focus. To attain these goals, we need buy-in and partnership by communities, non-profit organisations and businesses.  

    The City of Tshwane aims to act as a point of contact with communities that want to drive initiatives to clean up their local areas. In doing so, the City will strive to support these initiatives with existing resources as far as possible.  

    On the second Saturday of each month, the City will conduct a Tswelopele clean-up operation in a different geographic location in the seven regions of Tshwane. If you would like to join or participate in these campaigns or wish to organise your own clean-up operations, please send an email to

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