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  • City of Tshwane Book Publishing Campaign: An invitation to our local authors

    City of Tshwane Book Publishing Campaign: An invitation to our local authors

    Fri, Jan 29, 2021

    The City of Tshwane Library and Information Services Section has identified a shortage of writers around Tshwane, especially in indigenous languages, and that there is also low, if no, circulation of books in such languages or books produced by local authors. 

    For this reason the City has partnered with the National Library of South Africa and the Gauteng Provincial Library Service to address such matters and see how to bridge the existing gap. The National Library of South Africa and the Gauteng Provincial Library Service have a programme to assist with community book publishing, and this platform allows authors to share information about their grant application processes. 

    The City came up with an activity to motivate, encourage and promote local book publication through a Book Publishing Virtual Seminar under the theme, Local is lekker.  This exercise called upon all local authors to come together and be part of this exciting drive where thoughts, knowledge, experiences and challenges were shared. The platform afforded some the opportunity to share their journey as authors. 

    "I am sure many of you would agree that writers hold a special type of influence in society. Writers are as creative as painters, photographers and other visual artists, perhaps even more so, because visual artists are often limited by the medium in which they represent their art whereas writers have no boundaries to what they can write. The power of learning, reading and writing is the ultimate weapon of human being, and is the only way to survive in this global village and to be in the race of diversity," said Cllr Thabisile Vilakazi, MMC for Community and Social Development Services, during her address. 

    "The department will always ensure that it drives efforts to promote local content to ensure diversity of thoughts, challenge perceptions and tell our stories in a way that is designed by us for us. As we go on in celebrating local content, I urge you to continue driving our local writers by buying books from them in order to boost continuous writing and support for our indigenous languages and economic development of our writers. I also urge residents to visit our libraries. We have significant collections of books and materials produced by local authors that are available to the public," concluded Vilakazi. 

    The City has also introduced a database where local authors can list their details and products in order for the Community and Social Development Services Department to view them. This database can then inform the book acquisition process for City of Tshwane libraries. 

    Local authors are invited to register at

    Please submit the required fields as indicated below (your submissions must be in this order): 

    • Name and surname
    • Email
    • Contact number
    • Residential address
    • Title of the book
    • ISBN
    • Publisher
    • Title verso page 

    We need to know about you and hear about your incredible indigenous stories.

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