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  • #TshwaneFightingUnemployment: More than 120 000 Tshwane residents registered for EPWP work opportunities

    #TshwaneFightingUnemployment: More than 120 000 Tshwane residents registered for EPWP work opportunities

    Wed, Dec 6, 2017

    ​I am pleased to update the public that the City of Tshwane has, after one week of registration, registered 120 741 residents onto our EPWP database, which will ensure the fair and equitable recruitment of EPWP work opportunities so that the burden of poverty, inequality and unemployment may be alleviated to some extent. Registration closed on Friday, 1 December 2017.


    Specific registrations per region are as follows:


    Region 1: 31 468

    Region 2: 25 027

    Region 3: 23 367

    Region 4: 6 852

    Region 5: 4 373

    Region 6: 20 651

    Region 7: 9 003

    Total: 120 741


    Minor disruptions notwithstanding, we are pleased at these numbers that were obtained during the week-long registration period, because this demonstrates that our residents are heeding our call to help us to help them take hold of work opportunities in order to liberate themselves from the throes of poverty and unemployment.


    Most of our 68 registration venues across all seven regions of the city were flooded with potential beneficiaries who expressed a keen interest in joining hands with the DA-led multiparty administration in order to put the residents of Tshwane to work.


    This EPWP recruitment policy framework will ensure that the City employs workers on a temporary or contract basis with the goal of transferring skills and at the same time providing much-needed income. The programme had previously been marred by nepotism, cronyism and some appointments being made on the basis of political affiliation.


    This administration has adopted the principle of 'good governance' as one of its strategic priorities, and it requires us to continuously consult with our communities in law-making and governance-related programmes.


    One of the amendments approved by Council on 28 September 2017 to the revised policy includes the registration of eligible EPWP beneficiaries on a central database, with beneficiaries being selected through an open and audited lottery-like system.


    This random selection will be open to public observation, and such a selection process will also be published in advance in the wards and regions from which the EPWP beneficiaries will be recruited.


    We will continue to strive for transparency and accountability in the implementation of government programmes.

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