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  • No permission, no fireworks!

    No permission, no fireworks!

    Fri, Dec 22, 2017

    ​Illegal use of fireworks can be dangerous to oneself and to others, and is a public nuisance. People who use fireworks carelessly or without knowing what they are doing, can be injured or even killed. They can also injure or kill others.


    During the festive season, many persons may inadvertently set off fireworks for public display without first obtaining permission from the City Emergency Services and the South African Police Services. All applications for consideration must be handed in 14 days prior the event. The City of Tshwane will enforce municipal legislation regarding fireworks over the festive period.


    Where are fireworks allowed to be discharged for purposes of public display?

    NO private residential premises within the boundaries of Tshwane!


    The Emergency Services Department may grant written permission for the private

    discharge of public display fireworks on the following sites only:

    (a) Sports fields not owned by the City of Tshwane, but only after written approval

    has been obtained from the owner.

    (b) Smallholdings, on condition that, in the opinion of a Designated Emergency

    Services official, that the vegetation, shrubs and/or crops on the smallholding

    under consideration permit such discharge. Any other suitable open spaces not owned by the City of Tshwane, on condition that the private discharge of any fireworks must be supervised by a responsible person of 18 years of age or older.


    Keeping and dealing in fireworks

    (a) The premises where fireworks are handled must preferably have two exits.

    Where premises have only one exit, the fireworks location must be situated to

    the back of the premises relative to the exit.

    (b) The doors of the exit(s) must be unlocked and unbolted during normal business

    hours and there must be an open walkway between the counter containing the

    fireworks and the exit. No obstructions may be placed in this walkway.

    (c) No fireworks may be displayed in a window or any other place where the public

    can meddle with them.

    (d) Every dealer in fireworks must display notices reading "DEALER IN

    FIRE WORKS" on the outside of the premises and in a prominent position at

    every entrance. Symbolic signs representing "NO SMOKING" and "NO OPEN

    FLAME" must also be displayed in prominent positions inside the premises.

    (e) Smoking is not allowed inside premises where fireworks are kept, stored or

    handled. No person is allowed to enter such premises with an unprotected light

    or open flame.

    (f) A license to deal in fireworks must be obtained from the Chief Inspector of

    Explosives and a permit from the Emergency Services Department before

    starting to deal in fireworks.

    (g) No shop may have more than 500 kg of fireworks in the shop.

    (h) All fireworks must be kept behind a counter or at a place that is not accessible to

    the public. Fireworks are not allowed to be stored in the racks of the shop.

    (i) Dealers are not allowed to sell fireworks to any person under the age of 16.


    Complaints regarding fireworks can be reported to:

    • Emergency Services 012 310 6300/6400 in the case of a fire hazard to premises, or 012 310 6200 during office hours (08:00 to 16:00); and
    • Inspector of Explosives 012 342 9091 in the case of enquiries related to

      fireworks dealer licenses, or 082 822 8217; and 079 529 3446 in the case of

      contraventions of the Explosives Act and Explosives Regulations.
    • Metro Police 012 358 7095/6 for any complaints or disturbance of the peace.
    • For complaints, please call 012 358 7095/6

    For enquiries, please call 012 342 9091 or 012 310 6300/6400

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