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  • City makes inroads in supplying water to Hammanskraal community

    City makes inroads in supplying water to Hammanskraal community

    Fri, Nov 8, 2019

    Today, the City is in the position to inform residents that there has been progress in restoring water in Hammanskraal. This follows a decision to temporarily shut down the Temba Water Treatment Plant which was taken over last month by the Utility Services Department due to raw water quality challenges from the Leeukraal Dam. 

    These challenges were as a result of a power failure at the Pyramid Substation owing to a lighting strike on Friday, 18 October 2019. This in turn, caused the Rooiwal Waste Water Treatment Works to discharge partially treated effluent into the Apies River, which feeds the Leeukraal Dam. 

    In order to minimise the impact of the lack of water on the residents, the City sought alternative ways to provide potable water to the eastern and western parts of Hammanskraal. Currently, the eastern part of Hammanskraal (comprising Marokolong, Babelegi Industries, Ramotse and the Moretele area) is supplied from the Magalies Water system through the Babelegi Reservoir. The western part (which includes Refentse, New Eersterus and extensions) is supplied from the Soshanguve DD pipeline system. 

    Hereunder is the latest regarding the pumping of water from the Temba Water Treatment Plant to Hammanskraal/Temba and surrounding communities: 

    • On Monday, 4 November 2019, just when the Utility Services Department was about to start the plant, it was discovered that the Eskom transformer at the raw water pump station was damaged, which also affected the department's transformer and one of the feeder cables.
    • Repairs were done from Monday and were completed on Tuesday at around 16:00 due to the extent of the repair work that needed to be done.
    • The plant was started around 17:00 on Tuesday, 5 November 2019, with low flows as a normal start-up procedure for water treatment plants. The flows were steadily increased overnight.
    • By Wednesday, 6 November 2019, the plant was fully operational and internal reservoirs picked up, and by the end of the business day they were at 30%.
    • Currently, some areas of Hammanskraal/Temba and surrounding communities are receiving water.
    • Water quality monitoring has already commenced.

    This morning the team at the plant discovered that an air valve on the Renstown pumping main was stolen, resulting in a loss of high volumes of water and an interruption in filling the Renstown Reservoir, which affects the supply of water in the Renstown area. The City's team of artisans has managed to fix the air valve.

    Residents of Hammanskraal are urged not to use water for household purposes as the City is still conducting tests to determine the water's suitability for consumption. Water tankers are still in the area and the community is encouraged to only drink and/or cook with water provided through tankers.

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