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Welcome to free TshWi-Fi powered by the City of Tshwane

This is Tshwane's free Wi-Fi service, providing free internet across more than 780 TshWi-Fi internet zones in Tshwane – including open public spaces, educational institutions, schools, clinics and libraries. Users can enjoy free internet access with 500 MB free data every day while also being able to make free calls, enjoying free chat and free movie streaming.

Since the inception of the TshWi-Fi project, more than 1,6 million unique devices have accessed the network, making it the largest Wi-Fi network on the African continent (BMI-T). The progress on this project has been narrowing the digital divide and inequality amongst Tshwane residents whilst connecting, entertaining, educating and empowering them.

The project initially started with a daily cap of 250 MB and a connection speed of 1 mbps. It has since increased significantly to a daily cap of 500 MB and an average speed of 15 mbps. The project received the UN-Habitat Award for outstanding contribution towards improving the liveability of cities, as well as AfriCom Conference Awards for the Best Connectivity Solution for Africa and the Best App for Africa in relation to the Free TshWi-Fi Voice Mobile App.

TshWi-Fi is made possible through collaboration with Project Isizwe, a non-profit global movement that aims to provide free internet to Africa. Looking forward, the City of Tshwane will double the size of its TshWi-Fi network, ensuring that more than 50% of its citizens are within walking distance of a TshWi-Fi zone. Furthermore, the City will roll out 1 500 km of broadband fibre across Tshwane to deliver additional e-services to residents. The broadband network will also facilitate the TshWi-Fi project, enabling the City to reach locations that have a severe lack of telecommunications infrastructure.

Please visit to find your closest Tshwi-Fi internet zone and more information on the various value-added services like free TshWi-Fi calls, TshWi-Fi chat, TshWi-Fi movies and TshWi-Fi TV.​​​

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