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Groenkloof Nature Reserve

    Groenkloof Nature Reserve

Coordinates 'S25 47 379 E028 11 764


Groenkloof Nature Reserve is located near the famous Fountains Valley. This valley on the southern outskirts of Pretoria was proclaimed a game sanctuary by President Paul Kruger on 25 February 1895, the first in Africa. Its main purpose was to protect the shy and timid oribi, which occurred there, and other game that were being wiped out by hunters.

After 1910, portions of the area were rented out for the establishment of commercial plantations for the delivery of wood and the production of paper, both of which were in short supply during the world wars. By the late 1950s, the City Council of Pretoria became the owner of the area.

In 1994, the reserve became the responsibility of the Department of Nature Conservation and preparations started for the re-release of game. Impala, kudu, blue wildebeest and ostrich were eventually re-introduced to the reserve in 1999, and 2002 saw the release of giraffe and red hartebeest.

Currently, big clean-up operations are being run to restore the original woody bush of the area.  


Groenkloof Nature Reserve features low, broken ridges varying in steepness. The vegetation is semi pen thicket, dominated by a variety of woody species including Acacia caffra, Rhus leptodictya, Combretum molle and Dombeya rotundifolia. The under-storey is dominated by a variety of grasses.

Wildlife: The wildlife on the reserve includes zebra, jackal, duiker, kudu, impala, blue wildebeest, blesbuck, red hartebeest, ostrich, giraffe and sable. The rich bird life will keep bird lovers busy for hours on end.

What to do

Groenkloof Nature Reserve offers a large variety of activities for nature lovers just 5 km from the city centre.
Hiking trails:
4,0 km hike (white trail)
3,5 km hike (red trail)
10,5 km hike (yellow trail)

Horse trails: Day trail: guided, minimum 4, maximum 6 horses
Weekend trail: Maximum four hours per day
Night drives: ± two-hour drive, including use of the lapa
Mountain bike trail: ± 20 km route. Helmets are compulsory. No helmet, no ride
Motorcar route: ± 5 km (interpretation route)
4x4 route: ± 14 km (interpretation route)
Picnic area: Exclusively for relaxing after one of the trails (bring your own firewood)


Overnight facilities are available for hiking, 4x4 driving and mountain biking. The Bamber Youth Camp accommodates youth groups of up to 60 people.

On the premises you can also find the Moyo restaurant.

How to get there

Groenkloof Nature Reserve is reached via the entrance to the Fountains Valley Resort. Follow the R21 to the Fountains Circle, take the Fountains/Centurion turn-off into Christina de Wit Avenue. About 500 m further, turn left at the entrance to the Fountains Valley Resort. Over weekends and on public holidays visitors use the alternative entrance gate 800 m from the Fountains Valley Resort main entrance gate.


Entrance fees:

Activity Price (R)

Motor car route – 5 km 100,00
4x4 route – 14 km 100,00
Adults (18 years and older) per person 35,00
School children (7 to 17 years) per child 20,00
Pre school children ( 0 to 6 years ) per child 10,00
Pensioners ( 60 years and older) per person 20,00
Recovery of 4 x 4 vehicles on route 450,00


Day hiking and mountain biking trails

Adults (18 years and older) per person 35,00
School children (7 to 17 years) per child 20,00
Preschool children ( 0 to 6 years ) per child 10,00
Pensioners ( 60 years and older) per person 20,00


Monthly Tickets

Adults (18 years and older) per person 209,00
School children (7 to 17 years) per child 143,00
Preschool children ( 0 to 6 years ) per child 44,00
Pensioners ( 60 years and older) per person 143,00


Annual tickets

Per person 770,00


Overnight hiking trail, mountain bike trail and 4 x 4 trails(max 12 persons, self-catering)

Per person per night 70,00
Refundable damage deposit for hut 605,00
Day hiking trails per guide extra 160,00


Environmental education

Children of school going age 30,00
Adult accompanying groups, per adult 60,00
Day group per person 30,00
Overnight per person 75,00


Bamber Group Camp

Per person/child 55,00
Adult accompanying groups, per adult 84,00
Per guide 160,00
Refundable damage deposit 1000,00
Guided day hike (four hours - including guide) 55,00
Day drive with tractor and trailer through Groenkloof Nature Reserve ± two hours
Per child 30,00


Horse trails (guided )

Day trails: two hours trail with guide 4 to 8 persons 193,00
Day trail per hour 80,00
City light/moon light trails: 3 hours include guide 4 - 8 persons 175,00
Overnight trails: per person per night max four hours per day trail 230,00
Pony rides for children ( 10 Minutes) 30,00


Night drives

Per person including use of lapa until 23:00 121,00


Lapa hiring (during the day)

1 to 15 people 704,00
16 to 30 people  1210,00
31 - 60 people 1870,00
Refundable damage deposit 660,00


Bookings and contact numbers:

Bookings (four weeks in advance) are only necessary for the overnight facilities and if a guide is required for a hiking trail.
Call 012 440 8316 or 012 341 5204 or 079 498 3647
Fax: 086 210 2955
Email: (management) (bookings)

Address: Groenkloof Nature Reserve
PO Box 1454

Visiting hours

  • Summer (September to April): 05:30 to 19:00
  • Winter (May to August): 07:00 to 18:00
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