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Rietvlei Nature Reserve - Facilities and Tariffs

The following is further information regarding the facilities and services available at the Rietvlei Nature Reserve for the City of Tshwane. (Implemented as from 1st July 2012 VAT included).

For more information please contact us at Tel: 012 358 1810 /1 /2.


The Nature Reserve

Tel: 012 358 1811 / 2, 012 811 9901 or 072 047 3590. E-mail:

Admission times for day visitors:

Summer: September to March 05:30 - 17:00 (You may remain inside until 19:00 when the gates close).
Winter: April to August 06:00 - 16:00 (You may remain inside until 18:00 when the gates close).

Access: From the Olifantsfontein Road (Goedehoop, M57)


Adults R 45,00
School Children 6 to 16 years R 25,00
Pre-School Children, 0 – 5 years R 5,00
Persons 60 years and older who can provide proof thereof and disabled persons R 25,00
Season tickets for day visitors, per person and valid for 6 months R 715,00
Penalty fee for vivitors who do not comply with prescribed hours R 220,00
Season tickets are not transferable.

Other facilities:
40 km road for game-viewing of which 30 km has been tarred.
Braai / picnic areas with toilet facilities available.
Game species: Rhinoceros, buffalo, hippopotamus, cheetah, eland, red hartebeest, black wildebeest, zebra, ostrich, blesbuck, springbuck, reedbuck, waterbuck, steenbok, duiker, oribi, black-back jackal, brown hyena, etc.
Other information: 272 species of birds and 530 species of plants have been identified.
Tours in the reserve
Organised group tour(with private vehicle), per person Normal entrance fee
Guide per tour group R 160,00
Organised groups of children, 0-6 years, per child R 6,00
Lion camp tour per person ( guided on vehicle)
Adults (per person) R 45,00
School children, 6-16 years (per child) R 25,00
Pre-school children, 0-5 years (per child) R 5,00
Persons 60 years and older who can produce proof thereof and disabled persons(per person) R 25,00

Angling Area:

Tel: 012 358 1819 or 072 437 5977

Times of admission: 06:00 to 18:00 every day
Only permit holders may enter. Permits may be obtained at the angling gate. Entrance through the angling gate.


Adults R 45,00
School Children 6 to 16 years R 25,00
Pre-School Children, 0 – 5 years R 5,00
Persons 60 years and older who can provide proof thereof and disabled persons R 25,00
Season tickets are not transferable R 715,00 (valid for 6 months).

Overnight facilities:
Camping area with ablution blocks. (Camping for maximum of 60 days / calendar year / person)
Maximum 60 people per night for  the entire camping site
Per tent or caravan with one person per night = R 90,00
Each motor car for campers, whether his own motor car or that of the guest (per motor car) = R 35,00
Self Catering Chalet (maximum 6 persons)
        Per night R 750
        Refundable damage deposit R 250
Other facilities: Toilet and braai facilities. Species of fish: Carp, yellow fish, catfish, and kurper.
Other information: No canoes, boats or bait boats are allowed on the water. No swimming!
Mountain Bike Trails:
Per person per ride   R10,00

Yacht Club:

Entrance: Club members only. Contact the Secretary at 012 345 0621 for more information. E-mail: . No other members of the public will be allowed on the water.

Bus Tour:

A group may organize a bus themselves if they wish to do so at normal entrance prices and R 160,00 for the guide.
Organized environmental youth groups with own bus R 580 (one guide included).
Organized environmental youth group, children under 6 years with own bus R 6,00 per child and R 160,00 for the guide.

Friends of Rietvlei:

Meet every month on the third Saturday of the month at 08:00. Contact person: The Chair Person at Tel: 012 358 1810, leave a message please. E-mail to:

Rietvlei Coffee Shop and Lion Tours:

Open during reserve gate times only. Lion tours daily but can also be booked at 082 500 4422.


Booking of the Lapa at the Rietvlei Nature Reserve is essential. All bookings must be made three weeks in advance at Tel: 012 358 1811/2.
  • Tariffs: R 2 750,00 per occasion and a refundable damages deposit of R 2200, 00 must be paid in advance. 
  • R 20,00 per person entrance fee must also be paid in advance and entrance tickets collected at Main Gate. 30 – 200 guests can easily be accommodated (maximum 200). Firewood is supplied. Power points, ice machine, stove and walk-in refrigerator. There is a guard at the entrance gate, and a person at the lapa as caretaker and guard. No loud music will be allowed and groups must be out by 24:00. No entrance in to the reserve allowed accept with prior arrangement during gate times.

Hiking: (All hiking is guided)

  • Day hiking trails (10 – 15 persons), 4 hours long and guided:
Per person: R 70,00
Minimum deposit: R 330,00
  • Overnight hiking (6 – 8 persons), From the Friday to the Sunday afternoon:
Per person: R 220,00
Minimum deposit: R 330,00
Two overnight rondavels with beds and mattresses, hot and cold water, limited cooking utensils and firewood. No electricity. A Nature Conservationist accompanies the hikers on the route. The route covers a distance of 21km through the reserve. There are various historical structures on the route.

Horse rides: (All horse riding is guided)

Age restriction: No person under the age of 12
Weight restriction: No person over 120kg


  •   Day rides: (6 – 10 persons)
Per person: R 220,00
Minimum deposit: R 385,00
Horses and saddles are supplied, and rides take place under guidance.


  •   Overnight rides (6 – 8 persons)
Per person R 440,00
Minimum deposit R 880,00
From 17:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Sunday (may be altered). Two overnight rondavels are used. Rides take place under guidance and each rider is provided with a horse and equipment. The route covers a distance of about 36 km. Riders must be able to ride and have some experience.

Night drives and day tours with our open game vehicles (10 – 20 persons):

From 18:00 to 22:30 on Mondays to Saturdays (under guidance). The drive takes approximately 2 hours. (No charge for the use of the Fish Eagle Lapa with night drives)
Per person R 165,00
Minimum deposit R 660,00
Bring and braai afterwards (Own food, drinks, crockery and cutlery). Wood, a fire and blankets are supplied. A spotlight is used to track and point out game from a vehicle. Winter months are extremely cold and warm clothes are essential.

Training facilities

Lecture room seated maximum 66 persons + audio visual equipment Hire of lecture room per day, or part of the day R 1000,00 + Hire of audio visual equipment.

Fish Eagle Lapa:

Only available with night drive or lecture hall bookings. Booking essential and payment must be made in advance. Situated at the Main Gate of Rietvlei Nature Reserve behind the lecture hall. Tariff: R 1100,00 per occasion and a refundable damages deposit of R 880, 00. Firewood is supplied. No loud music will be allowed and groups must be out by 22:30.

Environmental Education:

Day groups (minimum of 10 and maximum of 120 children) for a 2 hour program.
Per child: R 35,00
Adult personnel and parents accompanying group: R 45,00
Deposit: R 308,00 and
R 160,00 for qualified environmental guide.
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