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Roads and Stormwater Standard Detail Documents


Drawing Number Name of Drawing Sheet Number Sheet Title
  Document Cover Page Sheet 1 of 1 Document Cover Page
STD-000 Drawing Index Sheet 1 of 2 List of Drawings
STD-001 Contract Name Board Sheet 1 of 1 Contract Name Board
STD-002 Typical Stormwater and Kerb Layout Sheet 1 of 1 Typical Stormwater and Kerb Layout
STD-003 Catchpit Details Sheet 1 of 2 Isometric View and Cross Sections
Sheet 2 of 2 Detail of Steel Frame and Precast Cover Slab
STD-004 Junction Box and Manhole Details Sheet 1 of 6 Typical Junction Box Configuration and Cover Slab Detail
Sheet 2 of 6 Type A Junction Box
Sheet 3 of 6 Type B Junction Box
Sheet 4 of 6 Type C Junction Box
Sheet 5 of 6 Type D Junction Box
Sheet 6 of 6 Manhole
STD-005 Stormwater Inlet and Outlet Structures Sheet 1 of 1 Field Inlet and Stormwater Outlet
STD-006 Typical Cross Sections Sheet 1 of 1 Road Reserve, Stormwater Pipeline and Furrow
STD-007 Kerbing Details Sheet 1 of 2 Sloping Kerb, Semi-Vertical Kerb and Edge Beam
Sheet 2 of 2 Transition Sections and Vehicle Entrance
STD-008 Walkways and Cycle Tracks Sheet 1 of 1 Walkways and Cycle Tracks
STD-009 Pedestrian Ramps Sheet 1 of 1 Pedestrian Ramps for the Disabled
STD-010 Concrete Pavement Details for Road Construction Sheet 1 of 1 Concrete Pavement Details for Road Construction
STD-011 Handrails / Balustrades and Bollards Sheet 1 of 1 Steel Handrail / Balustrade, Post and Rail Timber Balustrade, Concrete Bollards and Steel Bollards
STD-012 Erosion Protection Measures Sheet 1 of 1 Armorflex Lining Details
STD-013 Guardrails Sheet 1 of 3 Details for Fixing, Overlap and Anchoring
Sheet 2 of 3 Nose Detail and Layout at Structures and High Fills
Sheet 3 of 3 Cross Section, Reflector Plates and End Wings
STD-014 Fences and Gates Sheet 1 of 3 Diamond Mesh Fencing
Sheet 2 of 3 Steel Palisade Fencing
Sheet 3 of 3 Concrete Palisade Fencing
STD-015 Bus and Taxi Bays Sheet 1 of 1 Geometrical Layout and Details
STD-016 Traffic Calming Measures Sheet 1 of 7 Typical Speed Hump Detail
Sheet 2 of 7 Typical Raised Pedestrian Crossing
Sheet 3 of 7 Mini Circle Details (1)
Sheet 4 of 7 Mini Circle Details (2)
Sheet 5 of 7 Mini Circle Details (3)
Sheet 6 of 7 Mini Circle Details (4)
Sheet 7 of 7 Mini Circle Road Marking Details
STD-017 Road and Surface Drainage Details for Low-Cost Development Sheet 1 of 4 Road Cross Section and Typical Layer Works
Sheet 2 of 4 Road Cross Section and Side Drain
Sheet 3 of 4 Drainage Structures
Sheet 4 of 4 Access Strip: Grass Blocks or Concrete Paving
STD-018 Sign Boards Sheet 1 of 2 Street Name Signs
Sheet 2 of 2 Locality / Information Signs
STD-019 Traffic Lights Sheet 1 of 4 General Layout, Inductive Loops and Trenching
Sheet 2 of 4 Poles and Signal Heads
Sheet 3 of 4 Signal Head Sections and Special Road Sign Fixtures
Sheet 4 of 4 Cabling Diagrams
STD-020 Parking Bays Sheet 1 of 1 Typical Layout of Parking Bays
STD-021 Guidelines for Access Sheet 1 of 2 Access Control Facilities
Sheet 2 of 2 Cul de Sac
STD-022 Advertising Sign (Billboards Sheet 1 of 1 Details for fixing, overlap and anchoring, clearance dimensions
STD-023 Subsoil Drains Sheet 1 of 1 Subsoil Drains
STD-000 Plan Index Sheet 2 of 2 List of Plans
PLN-001 Services Layout Sheet 1 of 4 13m to 25m Road Reserves
Sheet 2 of 4 5m, 8m and 10m Road Reserves
Sheet 3 of 4 32m Road Reserve
Sheet 4 of 4 Road Reserves in South-Western Region of Tshwane
PLN-002 Turning Facilities Sheet 1 of 1 Design Flow Chart and Details
PLN-003 Pipe Design Table Sheet 1 of 1 Pipe Class Selection for Rigid Buried Pipes in Trench Conditions
PLN-004 Tshwane Kerb Inlet Sheet 1 of 1 Design Curves and Application Method


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