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    The City of Tshwane’s licensing centres have been experiencing an unprecedented increase in volumes of people who apply for either driver’s licences or professional permits.
Planning Commission GDS Imperatives

The Planning Commission resolved on the GDS principles of:-

  • Eradicating poverty
  • Building and growing an inclusive economy
  • Building sustainable human settlementsEnsuring resource security and environmental sustainability
  • Achieving social inclusion
  • Promoting good governance

Kindly advise on the preferred GDS Theme by ticking on the preferred box in the questionnaire at the end of the page:

1. Health and poverty

  • Towards zero deprivation
  • Scale up early childhood development
  • Reduce burden of disease

2. Economic growth

  • Balanced spatial economic development
  • Strategic and employment intensive sectors
  • Support skills acquisition

3. Natural resources

  • Invest in urban rainwater harvesting systems
  • Scale-up water conservation and demand side management
  • Develop green infrastructure

4. Transition to a low carbon economy

  • Retrofitting the city
  • Scale-up a range of energy-saving interventions
  • Building a recycling economy
  • Separation at source
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Building adaptive strategies for climate change
  • Ensure climate adaptation and mitigation
  • Develop innovative solutions for storm water management

5. Transport

  • Scale-up provision for mass public transit
  • Promoting non-motorised transport
  • Making our streets safe
  • Facilitate transit-oriented development

6. Liveable communities

  • Reduce urban sprawl
  • Increase small scale rental supply
  • Transform the townships
  • Building an inner city of the future
  • Promote compact and dense CBDs across the city
  • Access to cultural, recreational, education & other life sustaining services

7. Community safety

  • Integrated city strategy
  • Effective policing and enforcement
  • Social crime prevention
  • Crime prevention through environmental design
  • Road safety
  • Effective partnerships for the promotion of safety

8. Smart city

  • Building city competitiveness and smart industries
  • Bridging the digital divide
  • Scale-up e-Government
  • Provision of smart infrastructure

9. Governance

  • Strengthening good governance
  • Sustain the city’s financial position
  • Support and improve oversight structures
  • Enhance participatory planning and budgeting
  • Building a new cadre of local government activists
  • Entrench Batho Pele principles in the workforce
  • Intergovernmental alignment, innovation and partnerships
  • Promote social cohesion and moral regeneration​
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