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Intention to incur long-term debt
04 Mar 2013


In accordance with Section 46(3)(a) of the Municipal Finance Management Act, 2003 (Act no. 56 of 2003) read in together with 21A
of the Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act No. 32 of 2000) the following is made public in relation to the long-term debt the City of
Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality (“CoT”) intends to incur:

1. Particulars of proposed debt : up to R2.14 billion senior unsecured debt instruments
2. Purpose of proposed debt : to defray capital expenditure
3. Security to be provided : None
4. Maturity of proposed debt : Up to 20 years
5. Proposed debt repayment : Coupon (interest) is proposed to be payable semi-annually in arrears and capital will be payable either on the maturity
date or on an amortising period over the life of the debt. Interest will be determined on the bookbuild date
6. The anticipated cost of the proposed debt: anticipated total cost in connection with the proposed debt over the repayment period can only be
determined at the bookbuild, on which date the interest rate applicable to the proposed debt will be determined.
The City invites written comments or representations from the general public in respect of the proposed debt. Any person who cannot write may make
representations at the following address, where such representations will be transcribed:
A U van Zyl
Director: Cash and Financial Control
373 Pretorius Street, Pretoria
J Ngobeni
Comments or representations are to be made to the Group Chief Financial Officer at the following address by no later than 12h00 on 22 March 2013.
Any enquiries relating to the above should be directed to:
Umar Banda A U van Zyl

Group Financial Services Group Financial Services
Executive Director: Financial Reporting and Assets Director: Cash and Financial Control
PO Box 408, Pretoria, 0004 P O Box 408, Pretoria, 0004
Tel: 012 358 8110 Fax nr: 0866377644, tel nr: 012 358 5214,
e-mail: e-mail: antoinettevz

Intention to incur long-term debt.pdfIntention to incur long-term debt.pdf

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