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About Office of the Chief Whip


The Office of the Chief Whip was established on 18 October 2002 by the Minister of Provincial and Local Government to create synergy and maintain discipline among councillors of various political parties in provincial and local government. The role of the Chief Whip of Council covers both the political and administrative domains of Council, with an emphasis on the political aspect.

The Office of the Chief Whip in the City of Tshwane has to ensure that relationships between all political parties represented in Council are constructive and focused on key issues aimed at improving the lives of the residents of Tshwane.

This office is also the nerve centre of the ruling party’s political management system. As such it is the engine of cohesion and discipline among all public representatives of the rulling party and keeps an eye on their accountability to their constituencies.

The Chief Whip ensures that there is equitable representation in the committees of Council.

The Chief Whip also serves as the Chief Whip of the ruling party and therefore manages the Whippery, supervises and manages the caucus as well as ensures the efficient running and coordination of constituency work of councillors. The Chief Whip and the caucus leadership are tasked to motivate, advise and instil discipline among all members of the caucus.

The primary role of the Chief Whip is the organisation of the Office of the Chief Whip of Council.

Political organisation

The Chief Whip is supported politically by party whips who are responsible for ensuring that committee meeting form a quorum; that councillors attend Council meetings and committee meetings and represent their parties in the Programming Committee; and that party members are familiar with the standing rules of Council. Party whips also organise the work of councillors in party caucuses; nominate speakers for debates; assess the performance of councillors in line with party requirements; decide the party allocation of councillors to committees; convene the Multiparty Forum; and facilitate and coordinate inspections-in-loco in respect of study groups.

The Chief Whip as the whip of the majority party in Council is supported by the whips of the majority party, whose roles are the following:

  • Managing the business of the majority party in Council politically;
  • Managing the relationship between Council and the Executive;
  • Ensuring a coherent political approach to a variety of policy issues in study groups; and
  • Convening the party caucus and the Whippery.

Administrative organisation

Administratively, the Office of the Chief Whip provides support to Whips and Councillors along political party lines as follows:

  • DA support (Majority party)
  • ANC support (Official opposition)
  • Multiparty support (Other Parties represented in Council)


To provide excellent strategic support to all political parties serving the electorate/residents of Tshwane


To create a leading strategic support office that continues to seek sustainable growth and excellence so as to uplift councillors in their endeavour to serve their communities by raising living standards and ensuring social justice and human dignity for all.​

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