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Key Performance Areas (KPA)


The mandate of the Office of the Chief Whip is clearly spelt out in the Tshwane systems of delegation. The Office of the Chief Whip is mandated to –

  • maximise administrative and operational efficiency of Council
  • maintain and promote optimal functioning of governance structures
  • ensure streamlined institutional capacity to enhance quality service delivery
  • strengthen the oversight role of Council and ensure maximum participation
  • maintain and enhance sound governance in line with international and national best practices
  • clarify roles of political office-bearers and the administration
  • submit reports and recommendations to the Executive Mayor and Council on matters reserved for these structures
  • submit reports and recommendations to the Section 79 Rules Committee on matters falling within the terms of reference of that committee
  • ensure development of policies and strategies in respect of the functions of the Chief Whip
  • ensure the preparation of the annual operating and capital estimates for the Office of the Chief Whip
  • facilitate strategic planning and ensure the development of key performance indicators and targets for the Chief Whip
  • ensure the development and implementation of projects and programmes for the Office of the Chief Whip
  • ensure the building of relations and coordination between all political parties
  • ensure the maintenance of discipline among councillors
  • approve any projects in respect of the Office of the Chief Whip
  • approve requests from any political party represented in Council to conduct lekgotlas
  • ensure the allocation of councillors of political parties to committees of Council
  • attend to disputes between political parties
  • approve mechanisms to ensure the welfare and capacity building of councillors and communities in terms of section 16 of the Municipal Systems Act
  • appoint the acting Chief Whip
  • finalise the appointment of councillors to external bodies
  • approve councillors’ leave of absence from oversight committees, study groups, caucuses and Council​

Over and above these powers, the Chief Whip of Council is also empowered by section 33(3) of the Rules and Orders By-law, 2012 to determine the number of speakers to speak on an item during Council meetings as well as the speaking order and time allocated to speakers in Council (including debates on the State of the Capital Address and budget speech).

Key performance areas (KPAs)

  • Provision of research support to councillors across all political parties
  • Monitoring and evaluation of performance of all councillors in line with their party’s policies (councilor performance management)
  • Councillor wellness programme
  • Compliance with municipal policies
  • Councillor capacity development
  • Chief Whip speech writing
  • Management of the referral process
  • Building a good image of the City
  • Management of reputational risk
  • Caucus management
  • Management of political party whippery
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