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Office of the Chief Whip

The role of the Chief Whip of Council office through the Systems of Delegations as approved by the Council on 26/01/12 set out the specific function as follows:

  • Caucus and Constituency Management
  • Councillor Capacity Development
  • Councillor Performance Management
  • Proportional Deployment of Councilors to Committees
  • Multi-Party&; Caucus Management
  • Political Liaison

The Office of the Chief Whip is charged with the following responsibilities

  • Governance work
    The Chief Whip plays a key role in promoting good governance. The Chief Whip ensures that all committees of Council quorate through an equitable distribution of councilors to these committees
  • Political Accountability

    One of the key roles of the Chief Whip is to ensure that councilors are accountable to wards and their political parties.

  • Conflict Management

    The Chief Whip on a continuous basis is called to intervene in disputes between communities and Councilors.

  • Council Decision Making

    The Chief Whip plays a key role in facilitating consensus between different parties in Council

  • Discipline of Councilors

    The Chief Whip and the Speaker of Council have a co responsibility to ensure adherence to the Code of Conduct by Councilors

  • Caucus and Constituency Support

    The Chief Whip of Council also ensures that all Councilors do their Constituency work and that the necessary resources are provided through the Constituency Fund.
  • Councillor Support
    The Office of the Chief Whip provides administrative and secretariat support to all Whips.
    The Office is also responsible for providing Councillor Capacity Development.

  • To ensure good governance and political accountability of Councilors
  • To maintain discipline among Councilors
  • To maintain sound relations between various parties.
  • To ensure that all parties are proportionally represented in various committees of Council
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