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Profile and background: Stevens Mokgalapa

Stevens Mokgalapa

My personal biography

Stevens Mokgalapa is the last born of six children, two 2 sisters and four brothers. He
was born in Winterveld north of Pretoria and went to school at Motsemogolo Primary
School and Kgolaganyo Middle School and completed my basic education at
Mabopane High School with a matriculation certificate. 

Academic credentials

He completed his BA Political Science at the University of Pretoria and his Honours
in Political Studies at the University of the Western Cape. He also holds a strategic
diplomacy postgraduate certificate from the University of Johannesburg and a certificate
in political leadership from St Augustine College.


Political career

He  joined the Democratic Party in 1999 as student activist from the University of

Pretoria and was elected chair of the CBD branch, Arcadia, in 2000. From 2000 to

2006 he

was the Ward Councillor of Ward 58 and was elected as PR Councillor for 2006 to 2009.

Apart from serving in the Community Safety, Inner City Regeneration and City Planning and Housing Portfolio Committees, he also served in the Federal Executive, Federal Council Gauteng, Provincial Executive Committee and Gauteng North Regional Executive.

In 2009 he was elected as a Member of Parliament and served in this capacity until 2019 in committees like International Relations and Cooperation, Housing, the SADC Parliament and the Parliament Group on International Relations.

Currently he is President of the Africa Liberal Network. He also served in the Liberal International Human Rights Committee.

Vision for Tshwane

I plan to implement the DA manifesto of fighting corruption, creating jobs and delivering better services, and more particularly:

1. Continue to stabilise, revitalise and deliver on the vision of the current administration; 

2. Focus on service delivery backlogs and quick and visible projects;

3. Attend to the issues of the City Manager; 

4. Ensure service delivery performance agreements are put in place and enforced with senior management; and

5. Establish a monitoring, evaluation, review and implementation unit to fast-track and unlock service delivery.


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