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The Governments of South Africa and Germany have agreed to cooperate in socio-economic and political stability, by contributing to violence and crime prevention. Under the overall framework of this Development Cooperation, a Financial Cooperation (FC) Programme titled "Safety Promotion through Urban Upgrading (SPUU)" has been approved, co-financed by Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) and City of Tshwane (CoT), in 2015.

The boundaries of the specific Programme area in Mamelodi East were set by CoT at the beginning of the inception phase, in 2017. The Programme area covers wards 10 and 97 as well as parts of ward 40, approx. 747 hectares. The population in the Programme area in 2017 was estimated 87,318 (based on the 2011 census data).

The SPUU Programme focuses on the potential and opportunities to increase safety through preventive strategies by investing in people and improving the quality of public space. Besides the reduction of the likelihood of violence through a well-designed and well-managed environment, this project aims to improve resilience of communities against violence and to strengthen social cohesion.

The approach to safety promotion is based on key principles contained, e.g. in the World Health Organisation's (WHO) (2004) definition of violence prevention, which "stops acts of interpersonal violence from occurring by intervening to eliminate or reduce the underlying risk factors and shore up protective factors, or to reduce the recurrence of further violence and its ill effects".

The "underlying risk factors" refer to e.g. unhealthy environment, unsafe public spaces, unemployment, lack of opportunities to participate in community life, family disintegration, substance abuse and "protective factors" indicate e.g. healthy environment, safe public spaces, employment possibilities, participation in community life and resilience.

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