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Environmental Management Division


This division is set on making environmental considerations part of every strategy and operation of the City of Tshwane.

The division undertakes to deliver on the City of Tshwane’s mandate regarding sustainable environmental infrastructure and advisory/corporate services. More particularly, it aims to develop, upgrade and landscape 18 parks and 6 traffic islands, including key focal points and city entrances. These aims complement the 2010 city beautification projects. Furthermore, the division is responsible for promoting ecological integrity by protecting, utilising and enhancing natural and open space resources by integrating environmental considerations into the sustained management and development of Tshwane.

Sections of the Environmental Management Division

The Environmental Management Division comprises the following sections:
Open Space Planning and its subsections. The section has the following subsections:

  • Strategic Open Space Planning;
  • Open Space Design Management; and
  • Open Space Development Impact Management
  • Environmental Policy and Resource Management and its subsections

  • Environmental Policy, Programme and Information Management;
  • Environmental Audit, Risk and Management Systems Development Facilitation;
  • Environmental Education and Awareness Management;
  • Air Quality; and
  • Climate Change and Sustainable Energy.

Parks, Horticulture and Cemetery Provision and its subsections

  • Parks and Horticulture Services Provision Management;
  • Cemetery Services Provision Management;
  • Urban Forestry, Nursery and Training Provision Management; and
  • Parks, Horticulture and Cemetery Services Technical Support.

Nature Conservation and Resorts Management and its subsections

  • Nature Conservation Management;
  • Resorts Operations Management;
  • Swimming Pools Operations Management; and
  • Nature Conservation, Resorts and Swimming Pool Technical Support.

  • CoT Environmental Policy development and management, environmental comments on proposed policies and by-laws, environmental audits on existing CTMM policies, management of an environmental legal database, and environmental contribution to the IDP, legal register development pertaining to the CTMM Environmental Management system, Local Agenda 21 promotion.

  • Compilation of the annual State of the Environment report for the CTMM and development of an Environmental Management Information System for the CTMM.
  • Responsible for implementing Environmental Management Systems in CTMM departments in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment caused by departmental activities .
  • Responsible for executing Environmental Risk Assessments and implementing Environmental Risk Management Plans in departments in order to reduce environmental liabilities and risks
Responsible for conducting internal environmental legal and EMS audits on all the council`s departmental activities, services and products to ensure compliance to environmental legislation.

 Internal environmental training for all the employees of the CTMM, and external awareness.

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