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The Fresh Produce Market Division of the Department provides a central market distribution system primarily for the city and the rest of South Africa and the neighboring countries. In the execution of this role as the central distribution system for the CoT, the Department strives to ensure enhancement of food security and food safety by attracting fresh produce from various producers including promotion of small scale farmers within the city and regular compliance testing. The Market also provides infrastructure and services to satisfy the needs of market users that ultimately contribute to the economic growth of the city and job creation.

Strategic objectives to achieve corporate targets set in the IDP

Strategic objective 2: Shared economic growth and job creation

The Division has five sections and each section has its own subsections, these are –

  • Food Safety Operations and Quality Control.
  • Strategic Support and Special Projects.
  • Market Revenue Management.
  • Infrastructure and Maintenance.
  • Market System Development

Key staffing and contact details

Mphahlele Patrick Executive Director (012)3582328 / 082 499 2445
Chauke Precious Senior Secretary: Executive Director (012) 3582347
Sedutla Shelboy Director: Market System Development (012) 3582335 / 083 273 6463
Thole Ronette Secretary: Director Market System Development (012) 3581102
Letsoalo Moses Director: Food Safety Operations and Quality Control (012) 3582355 / 084 798 6470
Maja Julia Acting Secretary: Director: Food Safety Operations and Quality Control (012) 3582394
Jones Ruben Director: Revenue Management (012) 3582330 / 082 782 1707
Pfeil Rina Secretary: Director Revenue Management (012) 3582307
Mahlatji Celsius Director: Infrastructure and Maintenance. (012) 3588812 / 076 854 4684
Matji Dineo Acting Secretary: Infrastructure and Maintenance Support 012 358 2352

Key staffing and contact details

Section Responsibilities Key projects/ initiatives Documents to be uploaded
Food Safety Operations and Quality Control Manage the resources of food safety, quality control, operations and commercial services to optimize productivity and services delivery to all clients of division. • Food safety including Lab services
• Product quality control including inspection services
• Product risk profiling in terms of food safety
• Monitoring compliance of Health and Safety Act.
• Facilitating short term job creation through Tshepo 10 000 cooperatives
 • Utilization of facilities to generate revenues.
• Appointments of market agents and their sales personnel.
• Manage Sales of products and related activities on trading areas.
• Waste management and cleaning of the facility.
• Development of market by laws.
• gricultural Product Standard Act (Act 119 of 1190)
• gricultural Product Agent Act, 1992 ( Act 12 of 1992)
• Food-staffs, Cosmetic & disinfectants Act, 1972 ( Act 54 of 1972)
• City of Tshwane: Market By-laws – Local Authority Notice 1365 – promulgated 4 June 2008.
Strategic Support and Special Projects • Market Trading System
• User Support
• Upgrades to Trading System & New Developments
• User Training
• Development of New Trading System
• Web services
​• Online Trading
 • Auction System
Market Revenue Management • Billing and collection of sales and revenue
• Cash management
 • Accounting services
• Financial reporting
 • Compilation and supply of Financial reports and information
• Cashier service
 • Cash
 • Bulk
 • EFT
• Credit control
• Buyer Service Centre
• Trust Account & Other Payments
• Supplier Credit Program
 • Automatic Cash Acceptors
• Buyer Service Centre Upgrade
 • Funding of Market Sustainability project
Market System Development • Increase Tshwane Market branding and visibility within the fresh produce industry.
• Client Relationship Management
• Facilitating Market inwards and outwards mission, and trade shows
• Statistical information and distribution
• Research and Development
• ntrepreneurial training of micro traders.
• Support efforts to label and promote the Tshwane Market’s facilities and services.
• Encourage the agricultural industry to use the Tshwane Market for the marketing of agricultural products.
 • Advertising and image building programmes in the following agricultural magazines and daily papers.
• Build strong relationship with buyers, market agents, tenants and producers through:
• Daily market floor visits
• One on one discussions with buyers
 • Shop visits
• SMS correspondence
• E-mail correspondence
 • Monthly meetings with Market Agents on operational issues
  • After care:
 • One on one discussions with buyers on after sales experience
• Client segmentation programmes
 • Needs analysis questionnaire
• Follow up on first time buyers
• Make the market a vibrant centre of activity within the context of the Tshwane City:
• Regular branding of the market
• Regular market floor promotions
 • Regular communications with market clients
• Interactive web-site communications
• To expand core customer base that uses the market:
• Target potential new clients to the market
• Business discussions with core buyers groups
• Develop new service levels to all segments of buyers
• Upgrade current services to current buyers segments
• Client development programme:
• Completion of detailed client segmentation programme
• Target new buyers segments to be developed
• Develop marketing menus for the different segments
• Develop custom made
 • services to these clients
 • Skills transfer in the following areas to micro-traders:
 • Basic business principles
• Product knowledge
• Financial Management
• Customer care
• Municipal by-laws
• Assist micro traders with the compilation and calculations of state tenders.
• Maintaining and updating market statistical Information
• Updating day to day sales transactions
 • Analysis of market growth-share matrix
• Tracking other markets performance
• Update stats on web-site.
Infrastructure and Maintenance Support To manage the infrastructure and protect the Assets of the fresh produce market and other stakeholders. The Capital and Maintenance component of this Section includes the following:
• To identify projects, do the planning and co-ordination.
• To undertake site inspections and visits to monitor and evaluate projects.
• To set standards and see that employees execute work accordingly.
• To handle all requests and complaints from the tenants and agents related to maintenance.
• To manage all contracts and tenders and see that all specifications and conditions are met.
• To enforce all relevant policies and by-laws.
• To implement the preventative maintenance plan within our facilities/plants
• To allocate facilities to the relevant stakeholders
• Supply Chain Management Policy
• EPWP Policy
• Market by-laws
• Alienation policy ​
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