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The Environmental Management Services Department is tasked with contributing towards improving the quality of life of citizens and clients through improving the City of Tshwane (CoT)’s aesthetics, protection of priority natural resources, as well as food security interventions.

The Department renders an environmental service by promoting and protecting urban ecosystems where ever possible. The benefits that residents obtain from ecosystems services include, provisioning services (e.g. food, water, timber); regulating services (e.g. regulation of climate, floods, disease, waste and water quality); cultural services (e.g. recreational, aesthetic and spiritual) and supporting services (e.g. soil formation, photosynthesis and nutrient cycling). The Department will achieve this goal by implementing urban ecosystem services, air quality management, water resources management, open space and land management and economic and ecological benefits emanating from protected areas.

The Department is also responsible for Waste Management. The Municipal Waste Management function includes the following key areas of performance:

  • Waste collection;
  • Public cleansing;
  • and disposal of waste.

This must be done in a manner that is informed by the principle of waste reduce, reuse and recycle. The Department in particular is responsible for Policies, strategies, standards that inform regional operations in respect of the above. The Department is also responsible for waste disposal facilities which include landfill sites, transfer station and any other alternative disposal facilities that might be developed in the future.

The Fresh Produce Market Division of the Department provides a central market distribution system primarily for the city and the rest of South Africa and the neighboring countries. In the execution of this role as the central distribution system for the CoT, the Department strives to ensure enhancement of food security and food safety by attracting fresh produce from various producers including promotion of small scale farmers within the city and regular compliance testing. The Market also provides infrastructure and services to satisfy the needs of market users that ultimately contribute to the economic growth of the city and job creation.

Strategic objectives to achieve corporate targets set in the IDP

The Environmental Management Services Department contributes to the IDP Scorecard by means of the following KPI:

Contributing to Vision 2055”

  • Outcome 3: Quality Infrastructure Development that Supports Liveable Communities;
  • Outcome 4: An Equitable City that supports Happiness, Social Cohesion, Safety and Healthy Citizens

Strategic Objective 3: Ensure sustainable, safer cities and integrated social development.

Contribution to National Outcome 2: Improved quality of basic education: National Outcome 2: A long and healthy life for all South Africans; and

National Outcome 3: All people in South Africa are and feel safe.

The Department has three Divisions and each division has its own sections, these are –

  • Waste Management
  • Environmental Management and Parks; and
  • Fresh Produce Market;

Key staffing and contact details

Kolisa Mthobeli Strategic Executive Director 012 358 2449
Joey Ramaje Executive Secretary to the: Strategic Executive Director (012) 358 1351
Tshivhase Fhatuwani Acting Executive Director: Waste Management 012 358 1459
Moatshe Elizabeth Acting Executive Director: Environment and Parks 012 358 8914
Mphahlele Patrick Executive Director: Fresh Produce Market 012 358 2328
Van der Walt Lucas Director: Management and Administration Support 012 358 1327
Van Der Westhuizen Stephanie Secretary to the: Director: Management and Administration Support 012 358 8836

Services/key performance areas

  1. Strategic leadership to the Divisions: Ensuring the achievement of the Tshwane 2055 Vision through the implementation of the Departmental Business Plan.
  2. Management and Administration Support to the Divisions
Section Responsibilities Key projects/ initiatives Documents to be uploaded
Management Strategic Support Providing and ensuring strategic managerial support services • Organizational performance;
• IDP and Business Planning;
• Audit support;
 • Compliance and quality support;
• Serviced Level Agreements
• Compiling of Level 1 and 2 scorecards
• Compiling of individual scorecards
Administrative Services This section is responsible to render and office administration support function Rendering of a corporate departmental administration in terms of:
• Registry and Archives;
• Report flow;
• Messenger and catering;
 • Reception services,
• Office accommodation and parking;
 • Secretariat support
Financial Support Services Rendering of Financial Support Services • Budget management;
• Supply Chain management;
 • Revenue management;
 • Capital projects
• Insurance management;
 • Asset inventory;
 • Technical Support
Human Resource Support Services This section is responsible for the rendering of Human Resource support services • Remuneration and benefits’
• Recruitment and selection;
• Skills development;
• Employment equity
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