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The following services are provided by the nursery to the public

Plant hiring:

Decoration plants can be hired from the Nursery for Conferences, School functions, Weddings and Work functions.

. Plants must be collected and returned to the Nursery.

. Plants are hired out per plant. An overnight tariff is charged after the second night.

. Plants need to be collected or returned between:

- Mondays to Thursday: 07:30-14:00

- Fridays: 07:30-11:45

. The person hiring the plants must supply their own labour for loading and off-loading.

. They must also bring a copy of their lights and water account to verify their address.

Payment Methods: No Cash will be accepted. Only cheques, direct deposits, Credit and Debit Cards.

Horticulture Pest Control:

The following pest control complaints can be reported at the nursery. The public will not be charged for the spraying on the side walk.

Complaints can be reported at Tel: 012 379 3123

Only the following complaints will be dealt with:

. Termites on the sidewalk

. Termites destroying street trees on the side walk

Control of Bees

. Bees on private property

The CoT is not responsible for the control, removal of bees on private property. The home owner must obtain a private contractor to deal with this.

. Bees in electrical meter boxes, electric lamp poles, street lights.

The complaints must be forwarded directly to Electricity. We as parks are not allowed to control bees where electricity is involved.

Electricity call centre number: 012 339 9111. Then listen for option 4 and then option 2.

. Bees in street trees, hole in the ground on sidewalks, in drains on the sidewalk

This can be reported to the Nursery on 012 379 3123 or 012 377 0568

. Enforcing bee by-laws

This refers to a complaint from the public about their neighbour keeping bees on their property illegally.

This forms part of the Bylaw enforcement and can also be reported to the nursery.

The complainant will be required to email or fax the complaint through to 012 377 1431 giving all the details of the complaint.

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