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The Urban Forestry Section is the custodian of trees on the road reserve and no trees may be planted on the road reserve without their permission and supervision.​​

  • No planting to be undertaken within 20meters from a traffic intersection.
  • No planting to be undertaken within 2 meters of an existing vehicle entrance or an electrical stay-wire support.
  • Planting may not be undertaken within 10meters of an existing electrical or street light pole.
  • All applications to plant tree must be done through the way leave system.
  • Damage to underground services will be for the contractors account
  • Trees must be planted 10m or 20m apart and directly opposite each other.
  • Position of trees to be marked by clerk of works
  • Trees must have a sunken soil basin measuring 6cm.
  • Selection of species per street to be done by clerk of works
  • Planting hole must be square.
  • Holes must be square to the sidewalk
  • Trees must be planted in line and should be lined up during the planting process
  • Additives like Saturaid and Aquagel can be added
  • Use tree planting tablets like Agriform20-10-5in stead of granular fertiliser. 10-15cm from ground level
  • When placing the tree in the hole the ground at the bottom of the hole should be made into a heap and the roots placed on top of the heap.
  • Bone meal may be added.
  • No open holes may be left unattended or overnight.
  • Planted trees to be mulched with a suitable medium



These trees may not be removed without a permit from the Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries.

Botanical Name English Common Names Other Common Names
Afrikaans (A), Northern Sotho (NS), Southern Sotho (S), Tswana (T), Venda (V), Xhosa (X), Zulu (Z)
National Tree Number
Acacia erioloba Camel thorn Kameeldoring (A) / Mogohlo (NS) / Mogôtlhô (T) 168
Acacia haematoxylon Grey camel thorn Vaalkameeldoring (A) / Mokholo (T) 169
Adansoniadigitata Baobab Kremetart (A) /Seboi (NS)/ Mowana (T) 467
Afzeliaquanzensis Pod mahogany Peulmahonie (A) / Mutokota (V) / Inkehli (Z) 207
Balanitessubsp. maughamii Torchwood Groendoring (A) / Ugobandlovu (Z) 251
Barringtoniaracemosa Powder-puff tree Poeierkwasboom (A) / Iboqo (Z) 524
Bosciaalbitrunca Shepherd’s tree Witgat (A) / Mohlôpi (NS) / Motlhôpi (T) / Muvhombwe (V) / Umgqomogqomo (X) / Umvithi (Z) 122
Brachystegiaspiciformis Msasa Msasa (A) 198.1
Breonadiasalicina Matumi Mingerhout (A) /Mohlomê (NS) / Mutu-lume (V) / Umfomfo (Z) 684
Bruguieragymnorrhiza Black mangrove Swart-wortelboom (A) / Isikhangati (X) / Isihlobane (Z) 527
Cassipoureaswaziensis Swazi onionwood Swazi-uiehout (A) 531.1
Catha edulis Bushman’s tea Boesmanstee (A) / Mohlatse (NS) / Igqwaka (X) / Umhlwazi (Z) 404
Ceriopstagal Indian mangrove Indiesewortelboom (A) / Isinkaha (Z) 525
Cleistanthusschlechteri var.schlechteri False tamboti Vals-tambotie (A) / Umzithi (Z) 320
Colubrinanicholsonii Pondo weeping thorn Pondo-treurdoring (A) 453.8
Combretumimberbe Leadwood Hardekool (A) / Mohwelere-tšhipi (NS) / Motswiri (T) / Impondondlovu (Z) 539
Curtisiadentata Assegai Assegaai (A) / Umgxina (X) / Umagunda (Z) 570
Elaeodendrontransvaalensis Bushveld saffron Bosveld-saffraan (A) / Monomane (T) / Ingwavuma (Z) 416
Erythrophysatransvaalensis Bushveld red balloon Bosveld-rooiklapperbos (A) / Mofalatsane (T) 436.2
Eucleapseudebenus Ebony guarri Ebbehout -ghwarrie (A) 598
Ficustrichopoda Swamp fig Moerasvy (A) / Umvubu (Z) 54
Leucadendronargenteum Silver tree Silwerboom (A) 77
Lumnitzeraracemosa var.racemosa Tonga mangrove Tonga-wortelboom (A) / Isikhaha-esibomvu (Z) 552
Lydenburgiaabottii Pondo bushman’s Tea Pondo-boesmanstee (A) 407
Lydenburgiacassinoides Sekhukhuni bushman’s tea Sekhukhuni-boesmanstee (A) 406
Mimusopscaffra Coastal red milkwood Kusrooimelkhout (A) / Umthunzi (X) / Umkhakhayi (Z ) 583
Newtoniahildebrandtiivar.hildebrandtii Lebombo wattle Lebombo-wattel (A) /Umfomothi (Z) 191
Ocoteabullata Stinkwood Stinkhout (A) / Umhlungulu (X) / Umnukane (Z) 118
Ozoroanamaquensis Gariep resin tree Gariep-harpuisboom (A) 373.2
Philenopteraviolacea Apple-leaf Appelblaar (A) / Mphata (NS) / Mohata (T) / Isihomohomo (Z) 238
Pittosporumviridiflorum Cheesewood Kasuur (A) / Kgalagangwe (NS) / Umkhwenkwe (X) / Umfusamvu (Z) 139
Podocarpuselongatus Breede River yellowwood Breederivier-geelhout (A) 15
Podocarpusfalcatus Outeniqua yellowwood Outniekwa-geelhout (A)/ Mogôbagôba (NS)/ Umkhoba (X)/ Umsonti (Z) 16
Podocarpushenkelii Henkel’s yellowwood Henkel-se-geelhout (A) / Umsonti (X) / Umsonti (Z) 17
Podocarpuslatifolius Real yellowwood Opregte-geelhout (A) / Mogôbagôba (NS)/ Umcheya (X) / Umkhoba (Z) 18
Proteacomptonii Saddleback sugarbush Barberton-suikerbos (A) 88
Proteacurvata Serpentine sugarbush Serpentynsuikerbos (A) 88.1
Prunusafricana Red stinkwood Rooi-stinkhout (A) / Umkhakhase (X) / Umdumezulu (Z) 147
Pterocarpusangolensis Wild teak Kiaat (A) / Morôtô (NS) / Mokwa (T) / Mutondo (V) Umvangazi (Z) 236
Rhizophoramucronata Red mangrove Rooi-wortelboom (A) / Isikhangathi (X)/ Umhlume (Z) 526
Sclerocaryabirreasubsp.caffra Marula Maroela (A) / Morula (NS) / Morula (T) / Umganu (Z) 360
Securidacalongependunculata Violet tree Krinkhout (A) / Mmaba (T) 303
Sideroxyloninerme subsp. inerme White milkwood Wit-melkhout (A) / Ximafana (X) / Umakhwelafingqane (Z) 579
Tephrosiapondoensis Pondo poison pea Pondo-gifertjie (A) 226.1
Warburgiasalutaris Pepper-bark tree Peperbasboom (A)/ Molaka (NS)/ Mulanga (V)/ Isibaha (Z) 488
Widdringtoniacedarbergensis Clanwilliam cedar Clanwilliam-seder (A) 19
Widdringtoniaschwarzii Willowmore cedar Baviaanskloof-seder (A) 21

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