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Waste Removal

General information

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Waste Management

Waste management is the collection, transport, processing, recycling or disposal, and monitoring of waste materials. At the City of Tshwane the service per residential area or user for the removal of waste is determined by the Municipal Manager.


  • The municipality reserves the right to determine the type of service, the minimum number of containers and the frequency of services;
  • only the municipality or its authorised agent may service or remove containers owned by the municipality;
  • smallholdings not serviced by the municipality may dispose their waste free of charge at landfills to a maximum of 1 000 kg per month;
  • garden waste is part of the normal waste stream and the city cleansing tariff applies;
  • a daily waste management service is compulsory in terms of the Health Act for all business which generate food residues;
  • only containers provided by the municipality and marked as such shall be serviced by the municipality or its authorised agent;
  • consumers must pay the applicable tariff per container at the premises irrespective of the number of containers put out for removal;
  • the tariff for city cleansing is levied against all premises to the equivalent of the number of waste-removal service units that are provided or could be provided at the premises;
  • these tariffs are applicable irrespective of who removes the generated waste from the premises;
  • lost containers for which an affidavit is furnished, will be replaced for free. Damaged containers (including damage caused by the collection vehicles of the municipality but excluding fire/excessive heat damage) may be exchanged by the municipality at no cost;
  • the charge for the replacement of fire/excessive heat damaged and lost containers in the absence of an affidavit is R100 as well as the cost of the container at the same price as the contract price of the municipality;

  • all vehicles of the municipality entering and disposing waste at a landfill shall be charged with the applicable tariff;
  • government hospitals, schools, orphanages and registered old age homes within the jurisdiction area of the City of Tshwane will be charged for waste removal only from date of application for tariff.

How to get waste removal services in my area

  • Make contact with your inspector in your zone on the Contact List
  • you can also complete an application form with municipal account number and apply at the municipal offices for waste services.
An application form needs to be completed by the registered owner of the property containing the following information:

The client’s name.

ID number.

Physical address.

Municipality Account Number.

The size of container applied 85L, 240L,1000L

Type of service to be rendered e.g.: Weekly or Daily

Date of application

  • The application form then needs to be e-mailed, hand delivered or faxed to Waste Management; or
  • the clients can apply for a refuse bin by phoning the Waste Management depot with all the relevant information;
  • the refuse bin can then be collected from the Waste Management depot or, the refuse bin can be delivered on the refuse removal day within 14 days after the request has been received. On the day of delivery somebody needs to be at the premise to sign for the bin as proof of delivery.

More information on the Waste Management Division:

  • Specific days are allocated for refuse removal in the different suburbs. These days remain the same irrespective of public holidays. The only day on which no refuse is removed is 25 December and the suburbs scheduled for refuse removal on that day forfeit that week's refuse removal;
  • black refuse bins are for domestic/dry waste and are lifted once a week. Soft garden refuse is allowed in the bin.
  • green refuse bins are for wet waste and are lifted five, six or seven times a week. In terms of the Health Act, daily refuse removal is compulsory for each business that generates food residue;
  • refuse removal starts at 07:00 in residential areas and 08:00 in business/industrial areas;
  • special industrial, hazardous and medical waste must only be transported by a service provider who is approved by the municipality;
  • a municipal permit is required for recycling-at-source purposes. Authorisation by the Municipality is necessary for all private refuse removal service providers. Permits are valid for one year only. People who do not have the required permit will be fined;
  • tariffs will be levied against all premises to the equivalent of the number of refuse bins that are provided or could be provided at the premises. These tariffs are applicable irrespective of who removes the generated waste from the premises.
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