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Waste Management Divison

The Waste Management Division collects, transports, treats and disposes of waste in an environmentally friendly and economical way. This division's mission is to develop mechanisms to ensure that pollution and waste management is integrated into the development of all spatial and economic development planning.

The division’s mandate is to ensure that the socio-economic development of Tshwane, the health of its citizens, and the quality of its environmental resources are enhanced by well-controlled and well-coordinated waste management. This is done through the establishment of waste management systems that concentrate on avoiding, preventing and minimising waste and the provision of waste management services for all by extending to all communities an acceptable standard of waste collection, transportation, treatment and disposal.

The division currently manages six landfill sites:

  • Derdepoort (closed for rehabilitation);
  • Temba (being converted into a transfer station);
  • Soshanguve;
  • Ga-Rankuwa;
  • Onderstepoort; and
  • Hatherley.

The division has ten garden refuse transfer stations and two refuse transfer stations; a third refuse transfer station is being developed. Waste minimisation will be dealt with by a green tender, which is a tender for reducing carbon through reducing waste generation at source and through waste-to-landfill minimisation, as well as recycling that includes separation at source. The latter will be done through the development of buy-back centres which are facilities where refuse is first sorted and then sold for various new uses.

Sections of The Waste Management Division

The Waste Management Division comprises the following sections:

  • Waste Management Operations. This section consists of the following subsections:
    - Disposal Sites Development and Maintenance Management;
  • Municipal Waste Collection Management; and
  • Public Cleansing Operations and Compliance Management.
  • Waste Management Operations Support. This Section has the following subsections:
    - Waste Collection Monitoring, Marketing and Audit Management
    - Waste Management Fleet Management
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