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City Planning and Development

The City Planning and Development Department strives to create a better life for all the residents of Tshwane by creating an economically viable, attractive and environmentally friendly city.

The Department promotes spatial efficiencies and plays a strategic role in advancing the principles and objectives of sustainable development. As a transversal, the department is at the centre of City’s strategic planning, and influences policies and programmes of other Departments. The Department promote and guide the spatial and physical development of the city through integrated, strategic developmental and regulatory frameworks.

City Planning and Development Department provides guidance towards the design and the development of the Municipality’s spatial form by leading spatial transformation through: land use management, spatial planning, development management and facilitation, and built environment and enforcement, to create an efficient Capital City


Strategic Executive Director

​Mr Makgorometje Augustine Makgata

​Tel:012 358 09​40​


Executive Director: City Planning Vacant
Executive Director: Planning Law Enforcement and Support Vacant
Executive Director: City Development Vacant​​​​​

 Seminar Presentations (22 & 23 September 2011 )

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