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To maximise the disaster resistance of the residents and communities of Tshwane, the public and private sectors in Tshwane and the economy of Tshwane through the coordination of all hazard prevention, preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery activities within the framework of sustainable development


To coordinate and facilitate access to the resources needed to identify and reduce risks and thus to eliminate the impact of disasters and emergencies on people, property, the environment and the economy of Tshwane


  • Ensuring integrated, comprehensive and coordinated disaster management planning in Tshwane
  • Doing integrated development planning and entering into cooperative partnerships
  • Promoting optimum preparedness in communities
  • Coordinating and facilitating access to resources and management information

Disasters can be substantially reduced if people are well informed and motivated towards a culture of disaster prevention and resilience, which in turn requires the collection, compilation and dissemination of knowledge and information on hazards, vulnerabilities and capacities. Disaster management is everybody's business and it will require everybody's efforts to effectively deal with disasters and, more importantly, be proactive in preventing them. All departments and municipalities supporting the Be Safe at Home awareness campaign will contribute towards making Tshwane a safe home and resilient community for all. Disaster risk reduction is a cross-cutting issue in the context of sustainable development and therefore an important element in the achievement of internationally agreed development goals, including those contained in the Millennium Declaration. In addition, every effort should be made to use humanitarian assistance in such a way that risks and future vulnerabilities will be lessened as much as possible.

The Disaster Management Services Division is supported by the Disaster Management Centre, which creates, develops and reviews all disaster management plans for the city and responds to and manages all disaster incidents, accidents and emergencies.

This is the information nerve centre of disaster management. It was established to promote and support comprehensive, integrated and effective disaster management in Tshwane.


The centre's functions include –

  • improving knowledge about and raising awareness of disasters; and
  • coordinating and facilitating access to resources and management information.

The centre is situated at the department's head office in the Pieter Delport Centre on the corner of Government Avenue and Beckett Street in Arcadia. The email address of the centre's information desk is

The Disaster Management Centre is divided into three sections:

  • Disaster Preparedness Design
  • Disaster Response and Recovery Design
  • Disaster Policy and Strategy Design

Disaster Preparedness Design

  • To strive towards the optimum preparedness of the communities of Tshwane by means of disaster handling on ward level, public and private sector preparedness supported by vulnerability and risk assessments, continuous planning and coordination of events and programmes.

Disaster Response and Recovery Design

  • To ensure the development and management of a comprehensive, integrated and effective disaster management response and post-disaster recovery and rehabilitation through information management systems, capacity building, awareness, education and understanding of disaster.

Disaster management incidents: 012 358 6300/6400

Disaster Policy and Strategy Design

  • To ensure the development and management of a comprehensive, integrated and effective disaster management policy and strategy development and monitoring and evaluation.

Contact details: All non-emergency issues: 012 358 2255/2129/2281

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