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The purpose of this tribunal, in terms of the Rental Housing Act 1999, No. 50 and the Regulations thereof, is to receive complaints lodged by either landlords or tenants, and to resolve these disputes. We are also responsible for the appointing of mediators within disputes, the conducting of hearings and the facilitation of relationship building between landlords and tenants.

  • Deposits
  • Rights and duties of the landlords and tenants
  • Non-payment of Rentals
  • Exploitative rentals
  • Condition, use and maintenance​​​
  • Utility services​​​
  • Damage to property
  • Eviction
  • House rules
  • Intimidation​​​
  • Issuing of receipts maintenance​​​

Who is eligible?

Residents, institutions and property management companies are eligible for mediation, hearing, provision of advice and information with regards to lease agreements.

Mokgosi Komane/Phineas Mohlatlole
(012) 358 4403/ 358 4291
Room 215
Sanlam Plaza East. ​

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