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Church Awareness Project
Housebreaking, substance identification.
Domestic workers
Identified areas where high incidences of housebreaking and substance abuse occur
Empowered domestic servants
Neighbourhood Watch (Environmental Design)
Housebreaking, Armed Robbery, Motor Vehicle Theft, theft in and outside vehicles, Murder, Rape, Domestic Violence and Child Abuse
All residents of Tshwane
Establish and assist neighbourhood watches in priority areas
Involving community to ensure reduction of crime as well as the increase of cases reported.
Peace and Development Project
As a co-operative project between the South African Department of Safety and Security and the foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, a Peace and Development Project was implemented in Soshanguve in 1999. Taking over from the Foreign Office, the German Technical Co-operation (GTZ) has been running this project with great successes since then.
The project has had a significant impact in the area regarding reduced crime, particularly in situations of timorously resolving family and dept conflict with a high potential for becoming a violent crime.  As Peace Workers are from the community working for the community, they are readily available to, known and trusted by the community.
Community Peace Workers as well as citizens of Tshwane
Helps with conflict resolution in high risk areas of the Tshwane community
Community Empowerment Decreases conflict situations within Tshwane

Road Shows
16 days of activism
Cable Theft Awareness
Youth month
Safety and security month
Transport month
All regions
Educate communities on consequences of crime
Report on cases.
Increases empowered community about the effect of cable theft on service delivery
Media Radio Talk Shows
Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Child Rape, Rape, Illegal Firearms, Substance/Drug Abuse, Occult Related Crimes, Fire Works, Hi-Jacking, Armed Robbery etc.
Distribution of safety tips through local newspapers.
Regular participation of Local Newspapers in events.
All regions within Tshwane
Increase community empowerment
An empowered and educated community
Positive media exposure for the TMPS and building trust within the community.  This also increases the visibility of the Metro Police.

The roll out of  a monitoring tool kit developed by CJCP for the improvement of safety in schools
National identified priority schools
Learners and teachers at schools
Safer learning environment
Safety Talks and CPTED
Rape, Domestic Violence, Bullying, Firearms, Child Abuse, Substance/Drug Abuse, Mob Justice, Cultural Diversities
All residents of Tshwane
To empower community members and promote trust with TMPD
Empowered communities, trust relationships with the TMPS and reported crimes
Crime Awareness Fun Days
Primary and secondary schools within Tshwane
To reduce opportunities to commit crime
Uplifting of children’s morals and reduce the opportunities (boredom) to commit crime.
Learner in Traffic (annual project)
Participating primary schools identified by GDE
Road safety
Educating learners on rules of the road, road markings and road traffic signs
Scholar patrol
Selected identified schools
Road safety
General road safety, safe crossing to and from school
Pre-primary and primary schools
Educate learners on child abuse
Victims of sexual and physical abuse come forward.
The Ballot Box Project
Give children who are aware of crimes being committed to others or themselves in or outside school premises the opportunity to report these crime anonymously
Primary and secondary schools within Tshwane
To increase the reports on crime
Increased reports on crime, cases and convictions.
Child identification awareness
Primary schools
To promote safety of children and reporting cases of missing persons
Assistance with missing children
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