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Performance Agreements


The purpose of the COT’s performance management policy and procedure for Top Management is to regulate the effective implementation of the performance management requirements for Top Management as it manifests in various pieces of legislation.

In terms of Section 57 of the MSA a person appointed as the Municipal Manager (hereafter City Manager), and a person appointed as a manager directly accountable to the City Manager, may be appointed to that position only in terms of a written employment contract and a separate performance agreement.

R805 regulates employment contracts, performance agreements (including performance plans) and job descriptions of the City Manager and direct reports.

Performance Agreement

The purpose of performance agreements is to:

  1. Comply with the provisions of Section 57(1)(b),(4A),(4B) and (5) of the MSA as well as the employment contract entered into between the parties for the City Manager and direct reports (including level 3 employees).
  2. Specify objectives and targets defined and agreed with the employee and to communicate to the employee the employer’s expectations of the employee’s performance and accountabilities in alignment with the Integrated Development Plan, Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan (SDBIP) and the Budget of the municipality.
  3. Specify accountabilities as set out in a performance plan, which forms an annexure to the performance agreement.
  4. Specify and plan for competency gaps as set out in a personal development plan (PDP), which forms an annexure to the performance agreement (a PDP for addressing developmental gaps which have been identified during the previous financial year must form part of the annual revised performance agreement).
  5. Monitor and measure performance against set targeted outputs.
  6. Use the performance agreement as the basis for assessing whether the employee has met the performance expectations applicable to his or her job.
  7. In the event of outstanding performance, to appropriately reward the employee.
  8. Give effect to the employer’s commitment to a performance-orientated relationship with its employee in attaining equitable and improved service delivery.​

 Archived Perfomance Agreements

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