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  • Titus Matiyane – Panoramas and Landscapes: Cities of the World

    Titus Matiyane – Panoramas and Landscapes: Cities of the World

    Wed, May 10, 2017

    Event:             EXHIBITION:    Titus Matiyane – Panoramas and Landscapes: Cities of the World

    When:              10 May to 18 June 2017

    Opening:          Wednesday, 10 May 2017, 18:00

    Where:             Pretoria Art Museum

    Cnr Francis Baard and Wessels Street, Arcadia Park, Arcadia


    Titus Matiyane is a self-taught artist and musician who lives and works in Atteridgeville, Tshwane. With his giant, bird's-eye view, panoramic drawings of cities he mesmerises and compels viewers. His large-scale artworks explore his unstoppable obsession with both the growth and the transformation of modern cities and rural environments. He is preoccupied with how a city works; its essence. The residential and commercial infrastructure of cities connected through roads, power lines and railways and with planes flying overhead captivates him. By carefully integrating the generic and the unique, his panoramas and landscapes offer seductive versions of particular places.


    His colourful drawings and distinctive style overwhelm viewers and take them on an extended journey through an urban landscape. Wherever his panoramas are shown, they elicit enthusiasm and stimulate conversation. With limited information gathered from atlases, photos, the internet, city maps, television travel programmes and other commercial imagery of cities, he re-designs and re-presents the view of the city; surveying the city from his own singular point of observation. He is able to generate panoramas of places without necessarily having visited them because of his understanding on how modern cities works – their industrialised buildings, building materials, high-rise buildings and elaborate transportation networks.


    Titus Matiyane has an interest in nationhood and the power relations embedded in governments and partnerships, and as an artist he aligns himself with such networks. He is fascinated by the political muscle and the commercial and cultural machinery at work in large cities, shrouded by their outward façades and surface maps. On exhibition are drawings of cities and landscapes in, amongst others, Africa, Brazil, Russia, The Netherlands, the United States of America, India and Mali, as well as panoramas of the provinces Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu/Natal and Limpopo.



    U word uitgenooi na die uitstallingsopening van


    Titus Matiyane se

    Panoramas and Landscapes: Cities of the World


    by die Pretoriase Kunsmuseum op Woensdag, 10 Mei 2017 om 18:00


    Die uitstalling sal geopen word deur

    Pieter Mathews,

    hoof van Mathews and Associates Architects en Cool Capital-sameroeper.


    Die uitstalling sluit op Sondag, 18 Junie 2017.


    RSVP: 012 358 6750 of


    Navrae: Dirk Oegema by


    Museumtye: Dinsdae tot Sondae, 10:00 tot 17:00

    Gesluit op Maandae en openbare vakansiedae

    Hv Francis Baard en Wesselsstraat, Arcadiapark, Arcadia

    GPS: Br 25°44'53.63"S, L 28°12'45.20"E

    Tel: 012 358 6750



    O laletšwa go ba gona pulong ya dipontšho tša

    Titus Matiyane's

    Panoramas and Landscapes: Cities of the World

    kua Musiamong wa Bokgabo wa Pretoria ka Laboraro, 21 Mei 2017 ka 18:00.

    Dipontšho tše di tla bulwa ke

    Pieter Mathews,

    Hlogo ya Sekolo le Mokgoboketši wa Associates Architects and Cool Capital.


    Dipontšho di tswalelwa ka Mokibelo, 18 Juni 2017.


    RSVP: 012 358 6750 goba


    Dinyakišišo: Dirk Oegema mo go



    Dinako tša musiamo: Labobedi go Sontaga, 10:00 go fihla ka 17:00

    Musiamo o tswalelwa ka Mešupulogo le ka matšatši a
    bohle a boikhutšo

    Sekhutlong sa Francis Baard le Wessels, Arcadia Park, Arcadia

    GPS: Lat 25°44'53.63"S, long 28°12'45.20"E

    Mogala: 012 358 6750




    Uyamenywa ekuvulweni kombukiso

    Ka-Titus Matiyane

    Panoramas and Landscapes: Cities of the World

    eMyuziyemu Wezobuciko WasePitori ngoLwesithathu, 10 Nhlaba 2017 ngehora le-18:00.

    Umbukiso uzovulwa ngu-Pieter Mathews,

    Inhloko ye-Mathews and Associates Architects and Cool Capital convener.


    Umbukiso uvalwa ngeSonto, 18 Nhlangulana 2017.


    RSVP: 012 358 6750 noma


    Imibuzo: Dirk Oegema at


    Izikhathi zokuvulwa komyuziyemu:

    oLwezibili kuze kube ngaMasonto,ngehora le-10:00 kuze kushaye ihora lesi-17:00

    Kuvaliwe ngeMisombuluko nangamaholidi omphakathi

    Ekhoneni lezitaladi u-Schoeman no-Wessels e-Arcadia Park, e-Arcadia

    GPS: Lat 25◦44'53.63"S; Long 28◦12'45.20"E

    Ucingo: 012 358 6750

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