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Rooihuiskraal Reptile and indigenous bird park

Rooihuiskraal Reptile Park

  Coordinates 'S25 53 000 E028 08 501

This portion of land was part of the greater Brakfontein farm and the scene of two battles that took place during the Anglo-Transvaal War of 1880 – 1881. The first was an attempt by the British to seize cattle that the Boer Commando kept in the cattle kraals. The second battle was an attack led by Colonel GF Gildea and some 80 officers and 534 men on the Boer Commando that was stationed at Rooihuiskraal under Commandant RE Erasmus. In 1980 archaeologists excavated and confirmed the location of the Red Brick House mentioned in the war journals. The remains of the foundations of the house can be seen on the site.

Activities and Facilities

Apart from the animal farm, there are two bird hides for watching indigenous water fowl and an aviary to see small seed eating birds. Reptiles like snakes and lizards and also scorpions, spiders and other creepy crawlies is on display.Most of the species are South African, but similar species from other countries are also on display for the purpose of identifying similarities and differences.


A wetland area on the eastern side provides just the right habitat for indigenous waterfowl and South Africa’s national bird the Blue Crane.

Visiting hours

Tuesdays to Fridays: by bookings only - Tel: 012 667 5790
Weekends: 9:00 to 15:00 (bookings not required)

How to get there

From the Jan Smuts R101(Old Johannesburg Road) turn west into Hendrik Verwoerd Road, then left into Rooihuiskraal Road. Turn left after the second robot. The Entrance to the resort is on the left-hand side

Bookings and Contact Numbers

Reptile park bookings Tel: 012 667 5790
Entrance gate ¬ Tel: 012 661 4282
Conservation area Tel: 012 667 5790

Admission fee per person for Reptile Park

Adults ( 13 years and older): Resort admission + R11,00
Scholars ( 7 to 12 years): Resort admission + R11,00
Pre-school (0 to 6 years): Resort admission + R5,50
Pensioner (60 years and older): Resort admission + R11,00

Admission Fee per Person for Resort / Animal farm

Pre-school (0 to 6 years) R10,00
Adult (13 years and older) R27,50
Scholars (7 to 12 years) R16,50
Pensioners (60 years and older) R17,50 ​​​
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