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The industry’s demands on markets require that proactive measures must be in place for the Tshwane Market to remain a leading distribution centre in a marketplace that has been deregulated and favours private enterprise. One of the key strategies in the aforementioned regard was for the establishment of more processing and repacking facilities at the market, which was also identified as a major factor contributing towards growth. The potential area identified for the establishment of new processing facilities was on the south-western side of the market, where the old watermelon sheds were situated. The majority of produce being processed is available in Hall B adjacent to the identified area. Easy access to and from the market hall also played a decisive role in the identification of the location. To support the above mentioned initiative, it was decided to relocate the watermelon operation to the northern side of the market because the location of the watermelon sheds does not have a major impact on the buying patterns of buyers in comparison with the processing facilities.

PSBK Consulting Engineers were appointed on 4 March 2009 for the detail design and project execution to convert the old watermelon sheds into state of the art processing and repacking facilities. As a result of budget constraints it was decided to convert only one of the two old watermelon sheds into processing and repacking facilities as a Phase 1. The project was however placed on hold as an application was received by the 2nd largest buyer on the market to utilise the old watermelon sheds as a distribution centre. The application was however rejected and it was decided to proceed with the original plan to convert the old watermelon sheds in to processing plants.

Super way Construction (Pty) Ltd was however appointed on 27 October 2010 for an variable tender amount of R12,280,681.90 (exclusive of VAT) for Phase 1 that entailed the conversion of one shed with a size of 1,800m² into two processing plants and a warehouse facility that will serve as the official food bank for the CoT. Food bank is one of the emergency food programmes that provide immediate hunger relief to individuals and families who are unable to afford food and receive inadequate government financial assistance from programmes such as Social Grants and Social Relief Programmes. The City of Tshwane has established a Food Bank in line with the recent Food Summit resolutions organized by both provincial and national government overseen by the Deputy President of the Republic. Currently there are more than 100 agencies receiving food from food bank, typically these are non-profit organizations. The centre being opened today will serve like wholesale arm of the food distribution system for those living in poverty, while food pantries are the retail arm that serves people directly with the emergency food. To date Tshwane Food Bank has served more than 14000 beneficiaries. The total area occupied by the food bank in the new facility account for 850m².


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