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    The City of Tshwane’s licensing centres have been experiencing an unprecedented increase in volumes of people who apply for either driver’s licences or professional permits.



The Tshwane Market offers buyers the following:

  • Modern facilities which will meet the present and future demands of users.
  • The whole spectrum of fresh produce that our country produces.
  • Clean market floors for a pleasant and healthy visit.
  • Information systems that will meet the demands of all buyers.
  • Market information.
  • A budget control system that ensures accurate financial management information and general accoutability.
  • Safe and quick handling of financial transactions.
  • Regular product audits.
  • Regular monitoring of prices, product age and grading requirements.
  • Products are regularly inspected for residue.
  • Products that are unsafe for human consumption are removed daily.
  • Trolleys for hire.
  • Security that safeguards our buyers and their assets.
  • Impartial market management which handles disputes between agents and producers.
  • A Market management that is available 24 hours a day.
  • Credit facilities and an user friendly sales system.
  • A convenient sales system.


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