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To buy at the Tshwane Market you must have a market account and a buyer's tag. There are two types of accounts available:

1) Credit account

To use a credit account a bank guarantee must be provided as surety.

2) Cash account

This account is recommended for buyers who do not have a need for credit facilities.

To open an account an application form must be completed and one of the following documents must be submitted:

  • South African identity document
  • South African driver's licence
  • Asylum letter
  • Passport

Once the buyer has chosen which type of account to use and acquired a tag, he or she can immediately procure fresh produce from any market agent.

Only cash and electronic payments are accepted when making a payment to an account. Buyers who use a cash account must deposit funds into this account before purchases can be made. Enquiries to pay using the electronic payment option can be made at the chief cashier in the buyer self-service centres in the market halls.

  • A buyer's tag must be used for all purchases irrespective of which account is used.
  • A buyer's tag is obtained from the market chief cashier for R15,00.
  • If a buyer loses a tag, a tag is reissued for R50,00.

A client service centre is available in Halls A and B to assist buyers with further information, queries and any other problem that they may experience.

24-hour telephone number: 012 358 2302


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