City of Tshwane water challenges improving but load-shedding remains a risk to regular water supply

The City of Tshwane has been working closely with Rand Water to balance and manage the incoming water supply to the municipality in order to restore water to all areas of Tshwane.


I am pleased to report that we have restored the water supply to most of the affected areas, with only a few high-lying areas remaining with water challenges, particularly Soshanguve Block L and Mooikloof. Both areas are being prioritised and we are hoping to restore full services by the end of today.


Despite our drive and commitment to restore full services, we are still facing several challenges which I would like to address. Firstly, with regard to Soshanguve Block L, our teams were prevented from working in the area yesterday due to community protests.


Water levels at the reservoir are recovering well and we look to be in a good position to restore the supply today. I do understand the frustration of residents with the increased water and electricity challenges, but I must ask communities to allow our teams to work safely without intimidation and threats. If our teams cannot get to Soshanguve Block L, we cannot restore the water supply.


Another great challenge is that Eskom announced a return to Stage 5 and Stage 6 load-shedding last night.


Higher levels of load-shedding put serious pressure on the water supply network, affecting both the City of Tshwane network and Rand Water’s bulk supply systems.


If Rand Water cannot pump the water to Gauteng municipalities, we cannot supply it to residents.

So, increased load-shedding is a serious threat to the stability of our water supply. To speak plainly, this higher level of load-shedding could prevent us from restoring water to all areas of Tshwane.


Another matter of concern is that despite the City of Tshwane having implemented Stage 2 water restrictions with various calls to residents to save water, the latest meter readings from Rand Water show that the City of Tshwane has used more water last week than the previous week.


This higher usage is straining our ability to stretch the supply we receive from Rand Water to all residents. I need to yet again appeal to our residents to save water.


We must all take responsibility and use water sparingly. If we fail to do this, our current water problems will likely continue despite all of the City’s efforts. Let us all act now to save water and prevent the possibility of higher water restrictions.


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