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  • Group Financial Services virtually at your service

    Group Financial Services virtually at your service

    Mon, Jun 21, 2021

    The City of Tshwane's Group Financial Services is engaging residents via Zoom to maintain direct communication with customers and to ensure customers' safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. The shift to virtual communication is necessary to cater for customers who require direct engagement with revenue officials.

    The current virtual outreach will run until 29 June 2021 and focuses on the following services:

    • Account and billing queries, and corrections of estimations
    • Credit control and assistance with repayment arrangements
    • Repairs of water leakages and faulty electricity meters
    • Property rates queries
    • Indigent-related queries and registration

    It is essential that customers pay the monies they owe to the City to ensure quality service delivery. The City needs to collect revenue to maintain, fix and upgrade services to residents of Tshwane.

    The virtual outreach service via Zoom comprises 20 virtual account consultants serving as hosts, where each host is issued with a passcode and unique Meeting ID for customers to connect with a host. The automated system also enables residents to share a screen view with their host. When logging in on Zoom, the passcode will place a customer in the queue for assistance.

    The host will then accept the customer and the customer will automatically be connected to share a screen view with the host. Since an interpersonal communication network will be active, the customer will be required to submit his/her account number and any other attachments, such as a photo of the electricity and/or water meter reading to enable immediate correction of the account, where necessary.

    Customers should have their account numbers at hand when logging in on the Zoom platform. When you log on to Zoom you can then type the relevant Meeting ID. Since hosts will be grouped in terms of the service rendered, customers will be requested to log on to the category of their query.

    Process flow: Customer logs on to PC, captures passcode and selects Meeting ID to join the meeting > customer awaits acceptance from host > customer shares screen view after acceptance > customer and host chat about query and submit attachments > once attended, the customer and/or host exits the meeting and closes the screen.

    The time slots for meetings are weekdays from 16:00 until 19:00, and Saturdays (26 June 2021) from 08:00 until 15:00.

    Customer side

    Host 1Host 2Host 3Host 4Host 5Host 6Host 7Host 8Host 9Host 10
    Meeting ID: 956 2729 6559Meeting ID: 919 7387 5450Meeting ID: 985 2498 3901Meeting ID: 921 5830 2943Meeting ID: 958 3957 3831Meeting ID: 937 2875 2704Meeting ID: 938 2622 7846Meeting ID: 936 2029 0678Meeting ID: 979 6372 1699

    Meeting ID:

    916 7603 4611

    Passcode: Outreach1


    Host 1Host 2Host 3
    Meeting ID: 972 2455 0235Meeting ID: 941 3145 1710Meeting ID: 942 5513 2514
    Passcode: Outreach2


    Repayment arrangements
    Host 1Host 2
    Meeting ID: 916 1678 7371Meeting ID: 957 2660 8959
    Passcode: Outreach3


    Property rates queries
    Host 1
    Meeting ID: 964 9186 1651
    Passcode: Outreach4


    Social development
    Host 1
    Meeting ID: 915 2468 4585
    Passcode: Outreach5


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