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  • The City of Tshwane’s new political leadership

    The City of Tshwane’s new political leadership

    Tue, Dec 14, 2021

    The Executive Mayor of Tshwane, Alderman Randall Williams, announced the City of Tshwane's new Mayoral Committee on Tuesday, 14 December 2021. While introducing the Members of the Mayoral Committee (MMCs), Alderman Williams said that the election results have indeed reinforced the need for stable coalitions to drive quality service delivery, and that it had been hard work to craft a coalition government that would ensure that the needs of residents are put first. 

    The Executive Mayor reiterated that core basic service delivery remains the focus, and that the day-to-day operations of the City must be enhanced and improved upon. This includes improving response times and the ability to manage electricity outages and water leaks, ensuring that potholes are repaired, maintaining open public spaces and repairing sewerage lines. 

    He said that the electricity and water infrastructure in Tshwane is ageing rapidly and that he will ensure the maintenance and refurbishment of critical infrastructure. 

    Another core priority is stabilising the City's finances to protect the institution and ensure the sustainability of the municipality. 

    The Executive Mayor indicated the following ten key focused interventions to achieve core service deliverables: 

    • Prioritise the electrical grid and water infrastructure
    • Provide stringent financial management and oversight
    • Promote employment and economic growth in Tshwane
    • Enhance city safety and emergency services
    • Maintain a clean and protected natural environment
    • Develop road infrastructure and advance mobility
    • Support the vulnerable and provide social relief
    • Modernise and digitise City processes
    • Promote good governance, accountability and transparency
    • Implement a robust COVID-19 management strategy 

    The new MMCs are as follows: 

    PortfolioNamePolitical party
    FinancePeter SuttonDA
    Environment and Agriculture ManagementTo be announced in January 2022DA
    Economic Development and Spatial PlanningAndre le RouxActionSA
    HealthRina MarxFF Plus
    Community SafetyUmberto TheunissenFF Plus
    Housing and Human SettlementAbel TauActionSA
    Human Capital Management and Shared ServicesKingsleys WakelinDA
    Utility ServicesPhilip NelDA
    Roads and TransportDikeledi SelowaDA
    Community and Social Development Granny Peggy de BruinActionSA


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