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  • Tshwane residents and businesses urged to adopt a spot to maintain a clean and vibrant environment

    Tshwane residents and businesses urged to adopt a spot to maintain a clean and vibrant environment

    Thu, Oct 6, 2022

    The City of Tshwane is continuing with its Adopt-a-Spot Programme. The programme is an initiative by the City of Tshwane that enables industries, companies and the general public to adopt any open space that belongs to the City at no cost. The programme is intended to create job opportunities and a cleaner environment for Tshwane residents as a contribution to environmental awareness. 

    Moreover, landscaping companies can showcase their work and play a role to mitigate climate change. This initiative also builds on corporate responsibility and attracts investments and skills transfers. The programme will also ensure that the City has healthy and safe public landscapes, open spaces and recreational parks. 

    Interested parties can adopt any unused road reserve, walkway and illegal dumping site zoned as public open space, and other properties that the City may identify from time to time. Approved adoptees will be responsible to take care of the environment by removing illegal dumping, cutting grass, removing alien vegetation and performing overall management and maintenance activities relating to parks and other public open spaces within Tshwane. 

    Adopt-a-Spot is different to leasing an open space. Adopting a spot carries no costs, while leasing an open space entails paying for rights to use the area for private use. Adopt-a-Spot, however, does not give the adoptee the right to restrict public access to the area, and the adopted spots remain public domain. Those interested in adopting a spot must know that the City will not disburse any funds and no payments will be made to the applicants for maintenance work or upgrades done on the public open spaces. 

    Interested parties must submit the following documents when applying: 

    • Proof of residential or business address
    • Proof of company registration if the applicant is a business entity or organisation
    • A copy of the identity document of the applicant, or registration certificate of the organisation or business, or power of attorney and company resolutions, or a copy of the minutes of the organisation's annual general meeting
    • Proof of tax clearance certificate
    • Certificate of good standing with the Department of Labour, where applicable
    • Detailed proposal outlining the capability, budget and locality (proximity to the spot) 

    Those interested in adopting a spot must download an application form from the City's website under About Tshwane. Applications can be submitted via email to or hand delivered to the marked box at Tshwane House reception for the attention of Mr Ntokozo Xaba with the subject "Adopt-a-Spot application". 

    Those who have previously applied or submitted similar proposals to the City are encouraged to reapply. 

    For more information on the Adopt-a-Spot Programme, please contact the Environment and Agriculture Management Department at or on 012 358 1245/8814/8869.

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